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GSatMicro Iridium Terminal - More than just a tracking device

GSatMicro Iridium Terminal - More than just a tracking device

There are quite a few satellite terminals in the market that enable all of the standard features that one would expect from a tracking device. Over the years, engineers of Global Satellite Engineering (GSE) have listened to challenges presented by customers and have analyzed the corresponding technology shortcomings. GSE’s GSatMicro series was developed to fill these voids in the market and exceed industry standards in the following areas:

  • Security – 256 bit AES Encryption at the device level - out of the box
  • Reliable Satellite Connectivity – single integrated High Gain Helical antenna
  • Versatility – Device Behavior Control - the core of the device is powered by eLua allowing extensive integration customization to include vast optional applications within various industries: secure government applications, warfighters, personnel, fleet management, maritime, aircraft, vehicles, oil & drilling
  • 32 bit ARM processor with a user customizable eLua scripting language
  • SiRF V GPS with Galileo + GLONASS support
  • Over the air configuration of the terminal
  • Handheld and OEM version
  • Unrestricted reporting capability - create your own message format
  • M2M Communications - multiple interfaces for integration with 3rd party devices, sensors, accessories
  • Battery – Built in 2.5Ah Lithium Polymer battery & charger; rest on shelf for years without needing to be charged
  • Accelerometer and Magnetic Compass offering the ability to now measure the following:
    • How fast the device is moving
    • The heading of the device
    • The Pitch and Roll of the device (such as on a ship in rough seas)
    • A quick and sudden descending motion of the device (such as in an aircraft)
    • A quick motion upwards
  • Lightweight and Small size - 4.05 oz
  • Button & LED pad vs Touchscreen
  • Sophistication with user-friendly simplicity
  • Cost Savings (Compressed Reporting)
  • Mobile Applications over Bluetooth 4.0
  • Waterproof and Intrusion protection - IP67 rating

As a result, the world’s smallest self-contained customizable Iridium terminal was created. A device that exceeds all others along with an OEM version providing the building blocks for endless applications once thought unobtainable. GSE continues to gain an unparalleled reputation for improving mission results, while making technical advancements that turn critical “Wants” into the ability to make those wants achievable. More and more “wants” are becoming “Must Have” requirements one customer at a time, across the globe!

As you gather information on different satellite (Iridium) tracking devices for your critical applications, please take into consideration the features and capabilities the GSatMicro offers and learn why many government agencies, such as the Navy, DEA and other agencies are replacing some of their existing technology with the GSatMicro, and/or choosing the GSatMicro for new strategic applications once not obtainable. Word has it that the GSatMicro provides increased survivability and dependability when it counts most! Please take a look at our Case Studies and ask for key government references to hear it first hand.

What GSatMicro does that No other Iridium Tracker does

The GSatMicro is completely scriptable and able to be programmed to respond to behaviors it encounters rather than to only generalized timed reporting. The fundamental difference here is that the compiler of the scripts is contained within the GSatMicro...the raw scripts are held on the terminal itself..opening up so many elements of flexibility to the system design.

In essence, the GSatMicro is not specifically just a tracking device, it is a processing engine in the smallest form that has access to satellite networks, position information, sensors, etc. It has a very powerful virtual machine on board that allows real-time processing of scripts by compiling and executing without any external tools. This allows for a greater understanding of how the asset is performing in the field. Gaining this advanced insight on the behavior of things provides the ability to properly assess next-steps and take immediate and strategic action in critical circumstances.

eLua provides controls over hardware functions and it’s software integration with other products. Scripting from the GSatMicro at the device level allows the ability to create exceptional alerts and reporting in real time to include the behavior of the device.

More Examples:

  • Behavior monitoring and transmission using accelerometer
  • External interfaces to additional equipment
  • Data logging and queued transmissions
  • Lone Warfighter / Personnel monitoring and range of movement monitoring
  • Customized control of LED’s
  • Customized software applications over Bluetooth
  • Custom message formats and full protocol control
  • Unique geofencing behavior and alarm management

More Detailed Examples that Differentiate the GSatMicro

When the GSatMicro handheld is paired with GSE’s universal tracking software, GSatTrack, it offers a completely customizable solution that allows parameters to be changed over the air…such as increasing the tracking intervals from 5 minutes to every 2 minutes. The GSatMicro can be programmed to report every turn or when a certain speed or destination is reached.

As a fully scriptable device with eLua any average user, or our own engineers, can rapidly design scripts to support any user application. Interconnecting the device with other hardware, user input interfaces, monitoring hardware, or environment data becomes very simple.

Advanced Reporting Flexibility

Various agencies informed us of critical drawbacks due to restrictive reporting intervals. In cases of high stress circumstances or while under fire, warfighters and wildlife park rangers were unable to safely speed up reporting intervals faster than what was pre programmed with their devices. In the case of the wildlife park rangers, this meant having to abort the mission and losing sight of the poachers. In cases of the warfighters, this meant the potential of not being able to quickly locate the exact position of the warfighter in time to rescue him or her.

With its accelerometer and magnetic compass paired with onboard intelligence and I/O technology the GSatMicro eliminates restrictions to position information. Instead, the GSatMicro offers you the freedom to truly understand the behavior of your asset. The GSatMicro lets you control how and why the device is going to report. And furthermore, because the device is a scriptable device reporting intervals can be performed remotely over the air.

Reliable Satellite Connectivity

GSE received complaints that their current device would lose signal strength in the cockpit of the helicopters causing great loss of critical information to support a mission involving Pilot Training initiatives.

The GSatMicro antenna was designed to operate in many orientations (omnidirectional) as well as with various dielectric loading effects of being near or on various materials, including human models or conductive materials. The GSatMicro has an integrated high gain helical antenna tuned for Iridium and GPS providing 180 degrees radius.

Device Functionality - touchscreen vs button pad with LED lights

There are multiple points of failure regarding devices with touchscreen faces:

  • Condensation builds up under the touchscreens causing them to become completely inoperable
  • Sweat dropping on the touchscreen causing the device to become inoperable while under gunfire (Wildlife Park Rangers were forced to abort their mission against poachers due to inability to increase tracking intervals of their location)
  • Extreme cold temperatures causes the touchscreen to crack and no longer respond.

The GSatMicro does not include a touchscreen, therefore no such life threatening challenges due to touchscreen devices pose a threat. The GSatMicro has a button pad with LED lights, and is not just water resistant, it is Waterproof with Intrusion Protection.

The GSatMicro has gone through rigorous testing and has proven that it can withstand full submersion for an extended period of time and still continue to work once removed from those conditions.

It has an impressive IP67 rating:

  • Liquid immersion with a depth up to 1 meter
  • Dust tight; no ingress of dust; complete protection against contact

Bluetooth Low Energy 4.0

The GSatMicro doesn’t have a touchscreen...instead it is equipped with Bluetooth Low Energy 4.0. The GSatMicro interfaces with other devices, including Apple and Android-based products through its Bluetooth allowing two-way communication using the GSatMicro application on iOS.

Customizeable Iridium platform

The GSatMicro OEM is a completely customizable telemetry device with multiple I/O ports allowing the ability to tie in a host of sensors capable of truly understanding how things are behaving. From ultrasonic fuel sensors to ambient temperature monitoring. Every component of the GSatMicro was designed to fit into a dense vertical stack, providing extremely advanced functionality in an astonishingly small package.

The GSatMicro brings together powerful electronics with an intelligent core to create an extremely versatile unit that can detect and communicate the behavior of assets in the field. Absolutely everything you need is built in and very simple to interface to with a multitude of connectivity options. The GSatMicro OEM provides you with the building blocks you need from a fully independent solution with custom behaviors (think of remote command/control of drones), or a subcomponent of another computer system for expanding capabilities of your existing devices (remote data collection systems).

The GSatMicro OEM board clips directly onto the Iridium 9602 modem providing a platform for developers to integrate into their own projects. The GSatMicro OEM allows you to satellite enable your projects that you never thought could be. This ‘stack’ can be placed into a custom form for any project imaginable!

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