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GSE’s GSatTrack tracking software vs the sub $1 telematics services


Searching for a software platform to manage the analytics of your telematics devices can be pretty confusing. So many options that seem so similar, but range greatly in price!

Why such drastic price gaps?

You can find high volume telematics organizations offering their licenses as low as sixty cents per asset, per month. This appears quite attractive at first glance, until those that discover the level of limitations compared to the drastic benefits of advanced tracking platforms backed by engineering teams to support them.

What is your return on investment?

You can find lots of companies in the market capitalizing on providing copycat, or sub-par engineering solutions, and lots of such companies are providing these services at sub $1 per license, per month.

This may work for those organizations that have the most basic of needs. For those that intend to employ the fullest extent of their telematics solution's capabilities to maximize levels of safety, productivity, asset investments, and logistics... it is critically important for them to explore every option available to meet those needs.

Know your Options!

License fees paid for tracking and telematics services should have a tenfold effect on savings for any given organization in terms of safety, productivity, and logistics. Technology advancements have surpassed the days of just a “dot on a map” with limited geofencing, alerts, and other basic features. Top of the line platforms today allow customers the flexibility of developing applications and integrating new solutions that perform an in-depth scale of data analysis to maximize the results of their projects.

Why GSE and why GSatTrack?

GSE’s telematics team is a full time group of engineers, working with customers’ explicit application needs to develop new solutions and integration opportunities. GSE developed a truly universal web-based, multilingual tracking platform, GSatTrack, that is backed by a solid infrastructure and engineering teams to support each customer.

If you have integration and larger scale data analysis to perform, GSE is the right team.

How is GSE making a tenfold effect on savings for one of its customers?

A maritime company specializing in commercial fishing wanted the ability to monitor their ships’ behavior in real time around the globe - beyond the reach of AIS. They also wanted the ability to have two way communication for pushing information during storms and in case of an emergency regardless of how far from port.

The GSatTrack tracking portal is hardware agnostic – meaning it is able to interact with “any hardware” such as technologies already aboard a vessels like VSAT or BGAN terminals. This reduced their cost by eliminating the need to invest in new/additional hardware.

In addition, GSE integrated another type of device coupled with temperature sensors so the maritime company could monitor their fleets’ refrigeration units remotely. GSatTrack gathers the information and then sends it to the maritime company’s private servers along with customized reports.

The maritime company worked with GSE to develop a solution way above and beyond the basics which allows them to maintain two way communication, and build customized reports to help minimize loss and gather information that far exceeds the standard location and heading provided by the AIS technology. The family members of the crew all have the ability to know the location and behavior of the vessel at all times in the vast ocean.

The final result is a well-rounded solution that saves the maritime company money through greater knowledge, allows for greater security through constant monitoring, and more, along with the priceless piece of mind for both the crew and their family members.

Discover the overall value potential of your Telematics solution

GSE highly recommends you perform an in depth discovery before you invest in your telematics solution. This includes leveraging the expertise of leading industry knowledge to assure your application at hand is accurately defined, and, equally important, aligns with the most effective technology to maximize your overall results and return on investment.

Contact GSE, a leading IoT, M2M, SatCom, Telematics Solutions Developer and Consulting firm where you get direct access to engineers that deliver the latest in IoT innovations.

Let us help you discover the advancements of technology and services of the telematics industry to help you make your best choice! Call us at 954.459.4000, or email us at for a no obligation Discover Call to help you uncover critical information to lead you in the right direction.

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