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An Inside Look: GSatMicro - Assembly to Application

An Inside Look: GSatMicro

The GSatMicro is a powerful, small, customizable, self-contained Iridium tracker. As one of the leading and smallest handheld devices in the market, it delivers uncanny performance. I get to work on production, assembly & testing of the device everyday and I’d like to share a little bit about my experience with this device from my point of view.

Getting to work on production, assembly & testing of this device is unlike any task. Retailing at about $1K, it truly is a high-end product; not just in the satellite industry, but also in the technology & gadgets industry. Other comparable products in the market such as the Apple iPhone/iPad, the Windows Surface, the Samsung Galaxy, etc usually retail at about the same cost with similar capabilities like an accelerometer, Bluetooth 4.0, GPS receiver and more.

The components that make up the GSatMicro’s core will usually retain its form factor but its outer form will vary from the handheld unit, to the marine unit, to the military version with its unique camo skin.

The final step before getting our units out is testing. Testing the units will vary on the form factor. Whether Bluetooth has been included or excluded on the device, to acquiring a correct satellite location, to messages and portal integration on GSatTrack.

One of my personal favorite intended features of the GSatMicro is its ability to be truly configurable to any project's need. Whether it be on the side of a rocket, to a marine unit, to an everyday personal tracking device, it allows the technology to fit the need of the project to an optimal level.

About the Author
Gustavo Moran
Operations Manager

Gustavo Moran is a Venezuelan born, tech evangelist. Gus, has extensive experience providing clients with innovative and complete B2B and B2C technology solutions for Fortune 100 brands. Gus joined GSE in 2013 with focus on the Central and South American markets. Currently, Gus oversees product development, logistics, testing, and hardware production and manufacturing for GSE's line of satellite communications hardware.

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