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An Inside Look: GSatMicro - Why is it the best in the market?

An Inside Look: GSatMicro - Why is it the best in the market?

The GSatMicro is by far one of the most sought after Iridium satellite trackers in the world because of its compatibility, key features and versatility. Not only is it tiny and very compact, but it is able to deliver enhanced features that give it more power and control, moreso than any other satellite terminal on the market. We are going to discuss 5 features that set it apart from the competition:

Form Factor Integration & Customization

The GSatMicro comes in two forms as either hand held unit or as an OEM version that can be built into other technologies. This is where the versatility and prowess of the technology is put to the test. This allows you to use the technology across a host of applications from soldiers in combat to PLC units monitoring the flow of oil out in the field. The possibilities for applying the GSatMicro to projects in scope are limitless.

Battery Life

The specialized battery within the GSatMicro provides an incredibly long battery life allowing a device to rest on a shelf for years without having to be charged. A seamless hardware & software firmware integration allow the device to be in storage mode for long periods of time. The battery life of the unit also provides for an average of 1000 reports without requiring an additional charge. Battery life can be increased and optimized per project needs and closely monitored using GSatTrack with over the air updates.

Scripting Language (eLUA )

The GSatMicro is completely scriptable and able to be programmed to respond to behaviors it encounters rather than generalized timed reporting. This allows for a greater understanding of how the asset is performing in the field. Understanding the behavior of things allows managers to properly assess what next-steps must be taken to properly manage the assets and the situation. This monitoring and control over assets allows the GSatMicro to play a major role in the M2M and IoT markets.

Mobile Application Over Bluetooth 4.0

The GSatMicro Interfaces with other devices, including Apple products, through its Bluetooth functionality allowing two way communication using the GSatMicro application on iOS. The Bluetooth technology also allows the GSatMicro to be programmed with Apple devices it is paired with. This allows for a user friendly way to measure reports and analytics of the devices’ performance from just a few inches to feet away in seconds.

Data Security & Encryption

The GSatMicro offers 256 Bit AES Encryption at the device level. There are only a handful of devices in the market with this functionality. Most devices do not offer encryption until their transmissions reach the server. The GSatMicro offers end to end encryption making it the most secure and versatile Iridium satellite terminal in the world for government projects, technology security companies, & private M2M communications.

About the Author
Gustavo Moran
Operations Manager

Gustavo Moran is a Venezuelan born, tech evangelist. Gus, has extensive experience providing clients with innovative and complete B2B and B2C technology solutions for Fortune 100 brands. Gus joined GSE in 2013 with focus on the Central and South American markets. Currently, Gus oversees product development, logistics, testing, and hardware production and manufacturing for GSE's line of satellite communications hardware.

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