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MCG-101 and emergency communications back up plan

MCG-101 backup communications for emergency relief

September 10 is the peak of hurricane season and if you haven’t already, now is the time to evaluate your disaster preparedness and assure you have considered all plans to their full extent.

Studies reveal that more than half of all Americans (approximately 162 million people) live within 50 miles of the coast, and as many as 85 percent of the coastal counties have never experienced a direct hit from a major hurricane.

There is no comfortable advanced notice as to where and when the next “Big One” hits, just that the likelihood is that a next “Big One” is inevitable…and will land somewhere where lives and businesses are vulnerable.

The question is, are you truly as ready as you can possibly be?

When a storm hits, traditional communications are disabled. Cell towers and landlines are unable to function properly. Current storm relief crews utilize satellite phones to communicate when all other channels are unavailable. Unfortunately, a satellite phone can only provide you with voice; and depending on the device, SMS. When you need access to the internet, a fax machine, your cell phone, or other data rich applications; a handheld satellite phone will not provide a solution for those needs. That is where the MCG-101 bridges the gap.

GSE’s MCG-101 was designed as an intelligent PBX solution that utilizes the Iridium satellite network to operate as a telephone, Internet portal, GPS device, and SMS terminal. The core of the MCG-101 is a powerful processor with a complete, feature-rich PBX that is capable of dynamic call functions, and easy customization via a web interface. You can attach equipment or computers via WiFi or Ethernet, making the MCG-101 one of the most benefit rich solutions supporting your emergency communications back up plan.

By connecting devices such as a smart phone, laptop, PC, or analog telephone; you are creating a ‘Mobile Data Center’ providing WiFi connectivity that enables phone calls, email, tracking, and SMS directly for mobile phones for both personnel and citizens. Gaining internet access is crucial in times of disaster. It allows the means for critical sharing of information; such as between liaisons with FEMA, Red Cross, hospitals, security enforcement, and fire & rescue etc. By having access to data services, you can monitor and manage assets in the field by controlling the flow of information; all during a communications blackout.


“The MCG-101 is by far is the most significant dynamic and comprehensive all-in-one voice and data solution to provide communication in case of a disaster. There is nothing else like it on the market at such a competitive price. My client’s primary reason for installing the MCG-101 is for voice applications. The fact that there are data and GPS functionality as well is an added bonus.”
David Lipton, Director, GlobalCom Satellite of South Africa

Note: MCG-101 is ideal for both disaster back up communication solutions, and where full communications are necessary in remote locations or regions not serviced by PSTN or Cellular.

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