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The New IoT / M2M / Industrial Internet...Really?

The New IoT / M2M / Industrial Internet...Really?

By all accounts, the Internet of Things (IoT) is the great and next industrial revolution. Massive data analytics and storage capacity, millions of communicating ‘things’ and lower cost data services have made it possible to consider a new plethora of connected devices. The mass scale is evident in the Consumer and B2B markets. The average modern home and its high speed internet may soon be supporting 200 plus Wi-Fi connected devices, even more by some estimates. A recent Gartner report estimated that the current market is 10 billion devices or 1.5 devices for every person and by 2020 this would reach 50 billion devices or 8 for every person. That’s just over three years away.

But hold on, maybe this is not such a new industry. Many companies have already figured out the importance of ‘asset visibility’, using collected information to become more efficient and protect investments in machinery and people.

At GSE, we’ve been delivering complex solutions in this market for over ten years. Where we excel is in the ‘hard to do’ projects where ‘off the shelf’ simply doesn’t get it done for the client.

For example, just this year we’ve helped ensure truck driver safety at open cast mines in the Andes by creating an early warning system identifying operator fatigue. We helped US law enforcement agencies gain the upper hand in field operations, worldwide and most recently solved a logging company’s new compliance challenge in remote areas of Canada.

No two client phone calls we receive are ever the same.

Successfully delivering these and all our other client projects rely on four key elements:

1.Sophisticated, intelligent, remote terminals sourced from leading manufacturers (including ourselves).
2.The optimal satellite, GSM or hybrid connectivity platform.
3.GSatTrack, our universal, anywhere web accessible tracking portal that can be highly customized to exactly deliver the data you need.
4.Our Engineering team that analyze your challenges, prototype a future-proof solution, offer options to deliver even more benefits and implement down to every last detail – quickly.

Solving challenges is what feeds the passion here at GSE, when your M2M project might look too difficult start a conversation with us and we’ll see what where we can help and if we can’t we’ll tell you. Fair?

About the Author
Robin Beesley
Business Development Manager

Robin Beesley has spent over 31 years in the telecommunications and satellite industries, both in the USA and in the UK-his original home. He has worked extensively with customers and partners to help solve challenges and in the new era of ‘everything is connected’, drives growth with large commercial enterprises and government applications.

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