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First generation customers now want to be next generation leaders…

First generation customers now want to be next generation leaders…

Here at GSE we like to let you know about what industry trends we’re seeing.

Many of our new clients have come to us after having already made a significant investment in tracking devices and software tools to manage and track their valuable assets.

What they tell us is they are not getting the desired equipment performance, flexibility to add new, next generation devices or are simply struggling to get the desired ROI. More importantly, these ‘first generation’ users have become more sophisticated consumers, learned to refine their needs, and now have a clearer understanding of current and future requirements. We particularly see this expressed in commercial and government RFP’s as well as discussions with clients we see at tradeshows.

GSE has built GSatTrack to be a multi-purpose, multi-lingual platform supporting all the major tracking and self-reporting hardware devices (satellite, cell and hybrid).

GSatTrack is massively configurable so that every client can have a uniquely tailored solution that is everything they need, nothing they don’t and is adaptable over time to the inevitable changes of everyday operations.

‘Cookie-cutter’, one size fits all solutions don’t work in this industry – this is why those new clients rely on GSatTrack and our technical and engineering expertise in the solution design phase to deliver both the optimal hardware solution but also the web based intuitive user interface to their assets.

So, it’s likely GSatTrack already supports your hardware (we support 70 manufacturers and over 200 device types) and if you’re looking to get more utility from your hardware investment or contemplating a mixed fleet of devices please get in touch and let us show you the GSatTrack platform and let you trial the service with one of your own devices – no strings attached.

Lastly, take a couple of minutes to review our growing list of case studies which summarize some of the many unique solutions we have developed for clients. All these solutions use GSatTrack yet the applications are as diverse as the clients that use them.

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Until next time……

About the Author
Robin Beesley
Business Development Manager

Robin Beesley has spent over 31 years in the telecommunications and satellite industries, both in the USA and in the UK-his original home. He has worked extensively with customers and partners to help solve challenges and in the new era of ‘everything is connected’, drives growth with large commercial enterprises and government applications.

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