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Remote Asset Management for Oil and Gas Sectors

Remote Asset Management for Oil and Gas Sectors

GSE recently showed off its technology at the annual Inmarsat Americas conference, held in Miami Beach. In case you missed us, we wanted to make sure you got the opportunity to experience the demo of one of our solutions for remote asset management capabilities. In the video, GSE Engineer Yanosh Sabo demonstrates the interaction between an asset manager’s UI (controlled by a standard tablet) and a remote PLC that is connected to a valve in the field. Yanosh demonstrates a simple but critical real-time over-the-air operation, which is among the many solutions for oil and gas or other similar industries that require remote asset management capabilities, and remote emergency operations.

About the Author
Yanosh Sabo
Chief Computer Hardware and Telecommunications Engineer

Yanosh has worked specifically with Satellite M2M communications since 2012, starting with a Masters in Computer Science. He specializes in deeply integrated solutions, utilizing the latest technology, and building platforms to enable the next generation of M2M solutions.

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