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Universal Tracking Platforms - Know your Options

Universal Tracking Platforms - Know your Options

The ever evolving advances developed by leading engineers of the satellite industry have resulted in capabilities allowing great flexibility to choose the mixture of the various components of a full tracking solution. You now have the advantage of creating the ultimate all around solution fully addressing your diverse requirements and unique needs of your particular environment.

Depending on the quality, you can maximize the functionality of your desired tracking devices and overall solution through the exceptional capabilities available from a Universal Tracking Platform. Organizations are steadily seeking and discovering the fundamental advantages a Universal Tracking Platform creates and are realizing the cost effective improvements of efficiencies, the increases in their bottom line, the direct improvements to their mission critical success, and the improvements of the safety of lives.

The technological advancements of today are so rapid that it is no wonder that many organizations are still unaware of the extreme versatility and strategic advantages available to them. You will even find some company websites offering this innovative approach to tracking that are still claiming to be the ONE and ONLY company to offer such a solution.

Know your options!

Although there are only a limited number of actual universal tracking platforms to choose from, it is vital that you perform due diligence to assure you uncover the platform that provides the maximum capabilities and provides affordability to address the range of opportunities you wish to peruse. Just as important is the Quality of Service and availability of engineering support offered by the provider. Having direct access to engineers that deliver the latest IoT innovations and satellite technology is a promising way to assure you uncover solutions to challenges that you either didn’t realized existed, or that were previously unobtainable.

Example: A powerful Universal Tracking Platform provides the ability to integrate various requirements or standards that address specific customer needs. A good example is Global Satellite Engineering’s (GSE’s), own proprietary Universal Tracking Platform, GSatTrack. GSE listened to the needs of its customer and integrated the government regulated Automated Flight Following (AFF) system allowing the customer to attach to any existing AFF feed to pull the tracking information into a single account to consolidate its fleet of planes.

The company’s Aviation Managers gained the ability to view its flights in real-time and post flight information at any time to third party organizations or other members of their organization. GSatTrack provided the ability for the customer to merge its fleet of planes, together with all other assets and equipment they have into one easy-to-use platform. This feature is now included with GSatTrack for everyone to use. …And so the stage is set for the ever evolving capability advancements!

Things to Consider while Determining your Platform Choice

To help those in their initial “discovery phase” of researching tracking options, these are a few commonalities that make up a Universal Tracking Platform:

  • Web based and allows two-way communication between multiple satellite, cellular and radio frequency providers
  • Product agnostic, meaning can support numerous manufactures’ devices and easily integrate new devices
  • Manages all the positions of almost every manufactured product under one location and displays and manages them in a single unified interface
  • Can interface with legacy systems to enable fast and effective implementation of tracking assets or people anywhere in the world
  • Gathers tracking and sensor data, delivering a visual picture onto any modern browser, with automated, simultaneous and immediate notifications of alerts via email or SMS message
  • Offers a wealth of tracking and reporting options
  • Securely shares real time tracking information between organizations simultaneously

Formula for a Successful Tracking Solution: Versatility + Quality + Security + Pricing + Engineering Support + Reputation

Your next steps are to determine the differentiating aspects most preferred of one platform over the other, the accessibility of engineering support, the provider’s methodology and approach for developing an optimal solution, the affordability and flexibility of the overall pricing structure, and the reputation of the Universal Tracking Platform.

Some of these differentiating aspects are straightforward, however determining the levels of versatility and overall quality, and the resulting fundamental benefits as they relate to your specific needs are not so obvious. Therefore, scheduling a live demonstration along with the assistance of your provider is vital in assuring you discover the all encompassing capabilities as it relates to your specific environment.

Here are a few areas to consider where levels of versatility and overall quality differ from one platform to another to help you distinguish the differentiators:

  • Level of transparency when transitioning between satellite, or cellular, or radio frequencies
  • Level of sophistication of how your devices are displayed visually and functionally
  • Ability to interface with a particular legacy system effectively
  • Ability to integrate requirements or standards when or if they are needed
  • Level of geofencing sophistication. Are you limited to a fixed diagram or simple interactions?
  • Number of live position updates performed seamlessly without having to refresh the screen
  • Offers seamless, over-the-air firmware updates eliminating the need to disconnect terminals, or lose a break in service
  • Ease-of-Use overall
  • Ability to automate
  • Level of access to engineering support

How does GSatTrack distinguish itself?

Global Satellite Engineering (GSE) has earned an industry reputation second to none for its cutting-edge technology. The combination of listening to customer challenges, researching and applying advanced technical expertise, and having the ability to translate this information into dynamic solutions or improving upon existing technology is GSE’s mode of operation.

Following are a few of the highlights that set GSatTrack apart from any other Universal Tracking Platform:

  • GSatTrack offers the ability to distribute reports in multiple languages, in specific time zone and in a format best for each member of the group
  • GSatTrack allows several channels of communication options via any satellite or cellular connection
  • GSatTrack provides detailed history for up to 3 years that can be retrieved at will and generated into historical reports which can be sent to third parties as PDFs or Excel spreadsheets.
  • GSE provides incredible versatility – it is no longer just about tracking the location of an object or a person. So much more can be learned and reported about the environment around the asset or the person to improve situational decision making and the safety of lives.
    • Engineers at Global Satellite Engineering were able to discover ways of interfacing with the camera technology used for fatigue management. By combining various manufacturer's technologies, GSatTrack was able to monitor drivers’ developing fatigue in real time, taking timely intervention action to prevent accidents and increase both safety and productivity.
    • Devices can be managed with the government standard – Automated Flight Following (AFF)
    • Remotely control and configure your devices with ease
    • Operate a SCADA system by remotely tapping into IO’s sensors to monitor and control your assets at will
  • GSatTrack allows the ability to create intricate customized reports:
    • Create automated customized detailed reports within minutes, such as weekly fleet utilization reports, to be delivered in either PDF or Excel on a given day an hour, with the ability to easily alter these reports from any device connected to the Internet – including from your Cell Phone.
    • Ability to program unscheduled landings or course deviations as an alert with a pre-set emergency message.
    • Create True-Route-Geofences for vehicles (from starting address, to along the actual street route, to the destination address.)
  • GSatTrack platform is continuously evolving additional tracking devices (up to 400 as of October 2016) or data sources added to the system each year
  • Advanced features such as: Interactive geofences, I/O Mapping, OBDII Logging, Asset Routing, Custom Layers and Maps, Scheduled Reporting, and more!
  • GSatTrack eliminates the wait to view asset data and reduces costs by not charging for “Refreshes” by utilizing an encrypted open connection to the database so tracking data is shown live, almost instantaneously.
  • There are no requirements to install or update the software. All updates are done automatically behind the scenes, so you are always using the latest version at all times. As well there are no interruptions to you as GSE makes these updates.

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As a company with a proven track record and an innovative culture, GSE provides extraordinary efficiency and cost savings to the satellite industry overall. If you are in search of a tracking solution, GSE will assure you are addressing all your options. Take the best first step and call a GSE solution specialist to discuss your current challenges and desires, backed with a no obligation live demonstration. Call Global Satellite Engineering at 954.459.4000 or email today.

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