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Fleet F55

The Fleet 55 terminal provides global voice services, as well as 64kbits/s Mobile ISDN (including G-3 fax at 14.4kbps, or full-blown G-4 fax) and Mobile Packet Data. It supports a comprehensive selection of interfaces, including ISDN, X.21, RS449, RS232, and two RJ11 ports, as well as optional STUIIB/III service for reliable secure communications....Read More

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The EMS Technologies Inc. SATCOM hardware runs over Inmarsat through communications provider Stratos Global Corp. The terminals feature either a roof-top dome or a lightweight portable antenna, approximately the size of a laptop computer, to provide up to 128 kbps of throughput for Internet and e-mail access, fax, large file transfers, video conferencing and high-resolution image transfer. The terminals provide GAN (global area network) coverage worldwide, across all major land masses....Read More

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