Introduction to Maximizing ROI

Leverage operational data in near-real time to achieve operational and efficiency goals

Operational intelligence data is only useful when employed to assist with automation of complex processes that cost managers time and resources. With reporting, alerts, and automation tools, GSatTrack affords managers the ability to leverage the most critical information in decision making.

GSatTrack comes with a robust data management toolset, which includes a number of automated processing capabilities. These triggered events combined with an alert system that notifies managers about anomalies in their asset networks provide a clear path to addressing problematic situations. As far as reporting for stakeholders, GSatTrack makes it easy to set up programmatic reports that run automatically at given intervals to provide stakeholders with key information regularly.


Harness all of the insights from your data ecosystem in a single, cloud-based portal


Control of your entire suite of hardware devices at your fingertips from one portal

Saving Lives

Precious resources

A number of GSatTrack’s clients are military and law enforcement operations, and many others operate in emergency situations, disaster scenarios, and other highly dangerous situations that require fine attention to detail, the most recent and accurate intelligence, and critically important field data with regard to agents, rescue workers, and other personnel.

The operational knowledge provided by the nodes in a given ecosystem is invaluable, as the lives of field workers and personnel, as well as civilians in many cases, depend upon that information being communicated effectively. Because GSatTrack enables communication directly to and from the portal, and central command has access to near-real time data about developing situations, the reporting features, alert features, and automation capabilities become potentially life-saving tools that can help firefighters avoid catastrophic wind events during a wildfire, aid workers locate and rescue people after storms or floods, and military personnel remain vigilant and informed in hostile territory.

Saving Resources

Cost savings

GSatTrack helps managers save resources in a number of ways. Whether a fleet manager or a logistical operations coordinator, GSatTrack can help with vehicular and vessel fuel consumption across all industries and sectors, which, when spread over the size of most organization’s fleets, results in minimum savings in the thousands of dollars annually.

Additionally, GSatTrack can help managers identify idle machinery, or other pieces of equipment which could be used more efficiently, while simultaneously identifying overworked equipment in another location. Whether or not these machines are drawing power will ultimately determine their direct contribution to the expenditure of resources, but many of GSE’s clients employ GSatTrack’s ability to assess capacity against usage to allocate production time or usage hours accordingly.

Saving Time

Business efficiency

The ability to set up automated reporting, processing of inbound data, and alerts gives managers the ability to focus on the information that is of highest priority immediately upon logging into the portal. While detailed operational insight is also available at all times, the presentation of the most critical pieces of information pre-processed and screened saves managers hours of manual reporting processes that can bog them down.

Additionally, understanding the data coming from the ecosystem allows managers to make more well-informed decisions in much less time, which can ultimately result in the reduction of manager-related bottlenecks in projects as a result of decision-making delays. These bottlenecks, while typically stemming from 1-2 hours of extra work, can cascade into a project being delayed days, weeks, or even months, depending on which windows managers miss because of the time spent processing information before making decisions.

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Leverage Complex Intelligent Features

Data as a currency

GSatTrack provides its users with a number of analytical features that bring the platform to a level of service far beyond basic visualization of the assets in a given ecosystem. Advanced reporting functionality allows managers to create complex data visualizations and dashboards that provide operational insight in near-real time. Data synthesis performed by GSatTrack generates immediate ROI in the form of saved resources, saved time, and in many cases, saved lives.

Example of data as a currency: Fuel Management

One of the prominent management objectives is to conserve fuel, and to reduce costs in vehicle and vessel fleets by increasing fuel economy. This can be accomplished with GSatTrack by giving managers control over speed, route, idle times, and other considerations that have tremendous effects on the consumption rate of fleet assets. Reports will allow managers to see the real effects of these changes, communicate with operators to make adjustments, and to track the fuel consumption in dollars against the projected budget.

GSatTrack integrates with Skywave and Garmin to save on fuel costs

The integration of Skywave M2M hardware and GSatTrack offers a complete logistical solution. The combination of hardware and GSatTrack provides two way communication, real time condition updates, additional monitoring sensors and the flexibility of being able to change the...


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