GSatTrack API 

Connect To Globally Accessible Data

Leverage GSatTrack’s API data to create powerful and intelligent applications with revenue potential in growth sectors to meet the demands and needs of your business.

GSatTrack offers best in class integration options, which allows it to ingest, process, and relay data to and from an extensive mix of devices and endpoints. Complete technology system transitions can be costly and burdensome for large companies and government organizations, meaning any opportunity to transition to better products and services in a phased rollout is a most welcome prospect. Bearing this in mind, GSatTrack makes it easy to deploy the software and still utilize legacy tools from existing technology suites required for compliance or security reasons.

The GSatTrack API can process inbound data, automate all processes and reports that portal administrators often leverage with GSatTrack, and then relay that processed data to another system via a variety of API's.

Powered by GSatTrack

In many of the solutions pages, opportunities have been identified for third party applications and new business models using the GSatTrack APIs and component functionality to power other products. These opportunities have also been discussed in the GSE blog, and we invite you to reach out to our engineering team if a component or API powered by GSatTrack would provide your application with critical functionality.

Some of the more common uses of GSatTrack’s API tools are:

  • Aviation tracking
  • Positive train control systems
  • Public transit route monitoring
  • Field operative location and status tracking
  • SCADA and M2M solutions
  • Application developer live data
Powered By: GSatTrack
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API Quick Reference

This is the reference documentation for the GSatTrack API.

API Features

Universal Solution

GSatTrack is capable of ingesting data from the widest array of hardware and APIs of any product on the market, and the list of integrations and data acquisition capabilities grows daily as new clients connect devices and hardware manufacturers release their SDKs.

GSatTrack is also capable of extracting data from certain software portals that have device-proprietary packets and parsing it as if it were the primary portal. Vertically integrating hardware, tracking software, and sometimes even airtime was a very common business model throughout the satcom industry, and as such, many companies still have proprietary hardware-software integrations. While this problem typically frustrates managers who have to access multiple portals to see all of their connected assets, GSatTrack users can view all of these assets in the same interface as the rest of their ecosystem.

Data Processing

Jumpstart your telematics development by utilizing the GSatTrack API as a third party processing platform to all of the device manufacturers we support. This means you get started instantly, support more devices, consume more data in your application, all with the power of our data agnostic interfaces. You can feed this information directly into your new or expanding visualization platform with a few simple scripts and examples we provide.

Additionally, GSatTrack’s ability to serve as a processing engine reduces the stress on internal servers running tracking portals and other visualization tools by moving the complex processing load to another host. This is particularly beneficial to organizations processing hundreds of millions of node reports on a daily basis, or for systems that manage thousands of assets (fleet management, logistics, and other extensive networks).

Data Aggregation

In addition to being source-agnostic, GSatTrack is also data-agnostic, in that it is capable of ingesting any type of data that devices are capable of collecting and sending to the portal. In the event that a particular set of data points is not among the types of data GSatTrack typically ingests, custom data fields can be created to accommodate them. This capability provides managers and by extension entire organizations with immense flexibility to tailor a GSatTrack-powered portal to their specific needs.