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Telematics ROI 

Save Lives

Risk mitigating intelligence
and rapid response

GSatTrack supports a number of high-stakes operations, and has been employed by organizations with data movement requirements that can literally mean the difference between life and death. Its reliability along with its near-real-time intelligence functionality make it ideal for military, law enforcement, and disaster relief organizations. From live asset and operator tracking to automated data transmission applications, GSatTrack is trusted, reliable, and secure.

Weather and road or waterway condition map overlays also help fleet managers avoid risky vehicle and vessel operation, allowing managers and operators to communicate with each other about safer alternative routes or safer operation along the same route. Additionally, remote location breakdown or SOS support can mean the difference between life and death in many circumstances.

GSatTrack has also been featured as a solution provider for Positive Train Control (PTC) initiatives that seek to reduce the risk of incident in the rail sector, whether from unsafe operation or dangers related to being in remote areas outside the service area of traditional communications channels. Further commercial applications of GSatTrack include driver fatigue management systems for trucking and logistics operators, allowing them to meet safety regulations, ensure delivery of payloads, and keep drivers safe.

Save Resources

Cost reduction, machine hour allocation, and energy savings

GSatTrack, in addition to being the most powerful and versatile product in its class, is also among the most financially justifiable investments for an organization’s operational data management suite. By comparison to the alternatives, which are either incredibly expensive enterprise-level software products on the open market, or custom-built proprietary solutions, GSatTrack has a low barrier to entry and hardly any switching costs. Once deployed, clients can track data ROI with direct cost savings (fuel consumption management) or indirect savings (labor hours, machine hour allocation), and they add up quickly.

GSatTrack also pays for itself rather quickly, depending on the types of data an organization is managing and the ways in which it leverages those insights. The most common example of GSatTrack’s cost-savings and ROI measures is the fuel resource and operator monitoring tools so many of its fleet managers utilize on a daily basis. Whether through direct fuel consumption to dollar translations, smart routing services, or through risk reduction calculations, GSatTrack’s fleet management suite gives managers the ability to employ near-real-time data toward achieving goals related to cost savings in daily operations.

Another way some of GSatTrack’s clients have been able to evaluate their ROI is with automation tools and reports related to machine hour allocation. While it is assumed that all equipment is equal, and that assets are capable of handling the same levels of output as any other, the reality for a number of different types of heavy equipment is that they can, and often do, process output more or less efficiently based on the inputs, environmental considerations, operators, and other factors like maintenance schedules. GSatTrack can identify an under-performing or over-performing asset using trend analysis, and notify managers with alerts, reports, or events. Managers can then adjust operations to favor the more efficient machines, increasing daily production.

Save Time

Deploy rapidly and automate
time-consuming processes

GSatTrack’s cloud based portal is a fully functioning software product that requires no development, no setup, and no systems engineers. Managers can make the decision to implement GSatTrack and start building their organization-wide data ecosystem in minutes. The alternatives to GSatTrack, whether proprietary software builds or market competitor products, typically require extensive setup, systems administrators, and product training as part of the onboarding process.

Once deployed, GSatTrack helps managers save time with automation tools, alerts, and advanced reporting features that cut down on the time required to process complex data sets by synthesizing information in a way that calls attention to decision-relevant or actionable data first and foremost.

Additionally, for organizations that require activity logs for operators, machines, vehicles, vessels, or other equipment, GSatTrack’s ability to gather data, run, produce, and export those logs automatically can save those organizations thousands of hours worth of time and labor hours on a monthly basis, which can be applied to more beneficial and value-generating activities.