Actionable Insights & Tangible ROI

Each organization’s data ecosystem is different, and data gathering hardware options are ubiquitous, expensive, and long-term investments. For these reasons, GSatTrack has been developed to work with almost any piece of data gathering hardware or external API source in order to allow any organization to develop a data ecosystem that serves their specific needs.

GSatTrack has served a number of different types of clients across dozens of industries and sectors, evolving as each new client’s individual demands contribute functionality to the platform for all other clients to leverage. GSatTrack, therefore, is not a product in search of a solution, but rather, the amalgamation of GSE’s history of responding to the needs of real clients with solutions that are broadly applicable.

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Actionable Data Ecosystem

Within every organization is an ecosystem of intelligence, insight, and leverageable indicators of performance.

Each piece of hardware collects information on a daily basis, and with the ability to harness all of that data in a single portal, managers can make decisions and allocate resources in a way that has tangible effects on operational efficiency.

GSatTrack gives any organization the ability to turn every vehicle into a moving data mine, and every individual mobile device into a node that connects all human assets to their managers anywhere in the world. In the satellite world, special handsets and devices operating on any network can be tracked, managed, and configured with the GSatTrack portal.

For organizations that use intelligent automation technology, whether for instrument readouts, Programmable Logic Controllers, or remote monitoring activities, GSatTrack provides a solution that can gather data from any number of those nodes and arrange it in a single cloud-based platform that managers and operators can access from anywhere.

Tangible ROI

GSatTrack focuses the majority of its efforts on helping organizations leverage their data ecosystems and technology packages toward achieving their definition of tangible return on investment.

Saving Lives

Many organizations track both assets and people, and GSatTrack has a number of features, including its live tracking of near-real-time location and status data, alerts from assets, geofences, and map layers, which allow managers to use the portal to alert field operators of potentially dangerous scenarios, or to receive and react to distress alerts from the field.

Often, GSatTrack combines multiple features to increase safety and save lives. For example, remote managers of a commercial fishing fleet use a severe weather map layer to identify dangerous weather zones, geofence the area around it, and isolate all assets in the area, allowing for direct messages and routing of those vessels out of the unstable region.

Saving Money

The most common instance of GSatTrack being employed to save money is with fuel efficiency and other vehicle-related monitoring and management tools. Because organizations can directly translate fuel cost savings to tangible dollar amounts, GSatTrack’s value becomes incredibly apparent to organizations with fleets of vehicles or other fuel-consuming vessels.

Additionally, a number of organizations find themselves in need of a technology package to meet regulatory requirements, and GSatTrack often competes directly on price with its competitors for organizations that require telematics services for compliance reasons, leading to a direct cost savings against the alternatives.

Saving Time

Increasing efficiency and asset performance is the most difficult measure to translate directly to ROI, but most organizations can identify a translation to labor hours, equipment maintenance, and/or productivity yield.

A number of GSE’s clients take advantage of GSatTrack’s ability to manage the maintenance schedules and diagnostic functionality of their assets, leading to reductions in lost productivity associated with equipment being out of service.

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Live Asset Tracking

GSatTrack pulls data from every node in the ecosystem at whatever interval has been determined by the device and/or its manager or operator. All of this data flows into a central portal, and asset managers can monitor and manage that data from any internet-connected device. Asset location and status information is relayed in near-real-time, giving managers the most current information available at all times.

Live Asset Tracking

Alerts, Events, and Two-way Messaging

Alerts, Events, and Two-way Messaging

Operators may at times manually or through triggers, cause events and alerts to be sent from the asset to the platform. These events and alerts display in the portal for any manager to monitor and manage, and GSatTrack has the ability to configure email and text message alert automation for high-sensitivity events. Further, managers and operators can communicate via messaging that routes through the portal, allowing for two-way communication as long as both parties can access either the portal or the connected device.

Simple to Complex Reporting

Leveraging the data and insights available in an organization’s data ecosystem requires the processing power and intelligence to synthesize the data into a more digestible and leverageable format. With the ability to run and view reports directly in the system, export to other services or formats, and even set up automated reports based on time or triggers, GSatTrack’s reporting functionality has been developed with the needs of asset managers in mind.

Simple to Complex Reporting

Integrated Map Layers

Integrated Map Layers

Because the default interface for a tracking portal is a map displaying the location of assets, GSatTrack was designed to allow for the integration of map layers, overlays, and custom tiles to help managers see the environmental information most pertinent to their operation in conjunction with their assets simultaneously.

Remote Asset Management and Configuration

While some assets are more configurable than others, GSatTrack offers asset managers the ability to make changes to assets, and to control them from the portal. This extends not just to reporting parameters, but also to device settings, and custom commands for programmable devices.

Remote Asset Management and Configuration