Aerospace Applications

Understanding the next iteration of data infrastructure needs

Aerospace applications of GSatTrack focus on its ability to provide companies and adjacent transportation management services with the ability to leverage data to maximize the safety of air traffic and to keep track of assets when they are in the air. Additionally, assets mounted to aircraft can be used to relay very important information during flight, including data from instruments in addition to traditional telematics data. A number of organizations have already used GSatTrack to assist with rocket recovery operations as well, in conjunction with tracking hardware provided by both GSE and other manufacturers.

GSatTrack’s aerospace applications span the entire range of its capabilities, from that of a telematics platform to that of an alert and automation process management server, to API data movement, and full-blown Machine to Machine (M2M) solution management. Select any industry to see more about specific ways in which GSatTrack can help any organization Monitor, Manage, and Maximize their data ecosystem and leverage it to achieve their goals.

Specifically within the Aerospace industry, whether commercial, private, or public sectors, there are numerous ways to take advantage of the capabilities of highly affordable L-band satellite coverage. Given assets outfitted with sensors and other means of collecting data, GSatTrack can allow for the transmission of that data, as well as other communications and tracking information, to remote hubs for asset control and management.