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GSatTrack Partner Program 

Deliver your own Telematics SaaS

Expand your product portfolio with industry-leading software

GSatTrack can be offered as a SaaS product in a B2B model with distribution partners around the world. GSatTrack makes an excellent reseller product because of its universal, device-agnostic nature, allowing resellers and partners to create solutions for their customers that include the use of an intuitive, powerful, and quick-to-market, easy to deploy software product. Companies working with new or existing hardware products that want to be able to offer a complete end to end solution can work with GSatTrack as a white labeled solution or as a managed service in order to enhance the product package they offer in order to be more of an off-the-shelf one-stop-shop package, the demand for which is growing across a number of sectors.

Quick To Market

Immediately deploy every trackable asset directly from the portal.

No Development costs

GSE iterates on its product, leaving no need for in house engineering teams.

Increase Profit Margins

With a fixed licensing cost, it’s easy to control margins for resale.

Offer A Value Added Service

Upsell opportunities exist to help make telematics suites more attractive to clients.

Enhance Your Product Portfolio

Expand from a hardware-only provider to include industry-leading software.

Create Scalable Solutions

Support ecosystems as small as one asset and as large as hundreds of thousands.

The GSatTrack product is also a ready-made solution that allows resellers and partners to focus on their areas of expertise, be it hardware, marketing, or sales, while GSE focuses on the engineering expertise to develop and maintain the industry leading software product it has become known for. GSatTrack is available as a managed solution, for which our partners can sell licenses to the platform as part of a custom package for their clients, or for larger clients, as an entirely white-labeled solution branded with their clients’ customizations. To an extent, custom engineering is also available for these solutions.

Become a Reseller

Expand your product portfolio with industry-leading software.

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Risk-free Revenue Engine

Working with GSE to include GSatTrack in a product bundle, or to white label it as your hardware product’s companion software is as easy as discussing our partner program with a GSE representative and finding the best solution for your needs. Many device manufacturers marry their hardware with GSatTrack because of the ability to earn licensing revenue in addition to the hardware margins.

Additionally, sales groups within the satellite industry have adopted GSatTrack as part of their product portfolio in order to provide their clients with a full one-stop solution made of component pieces from different device manufacturers that has a single management portal. The upsell potential of having GSatTrack as part of any organization’s sales tools creates a revenue engine with no inventory costs, making it an extremely effective margin product.


Backed by GSE

Secure, fully supported, and constantly iterating

GSatTrack is a platform product that is fully supported by GSE’s customer service and engineering team. With highly secured and redundant data servers, GSatTrack delivers enterprise capabilities without the hefty costs of administering a solution in house. GSatTrack’s development team is also iterating on its product on a daily basis, and these performance improvements go live without the need for updates, patches, or downloads.

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Please contact us directly so that we can set up a time to speak with you about the options available to your organization. For more information about custom engineering options, please also include a note about interest in GSatTrack Analytics.

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