Enterprise Applications

A suite of operational data management tools

Enterprise applications of GSatTrack focus on its ability to provide companies with the insights they need to make the most efficient business decisions in near-real time. For example, managing a resource allocation system by keeping active knowledge of the capacities and availability of various pieces of equipment allows managers to route supplies to the plants, equipment, and machinery capable of utilizing them more quickly. Additionally, for transportation of goods to and from sites, managers can optimize travel routes, provide vehicle operators with much needed insight to fuel economy, and even help their operators maintain safe practices related to speed, fatigue, and other risky behavior.

GSatTrack’s enterprise applications span the entire range of its capabilities, from that of a telematics platform to that of an automation process management server, to API data movement, and full-blown Machine to Machine (M2M) solution management. Select any industry to see more about specific ways in which GSatTrack can help any organization Monitor, Manage, and Maximize their data ecosystem and leverage it to achieve their goals