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Telematics for Every Organization

Moving data between nearly any connected asset and a universally accessible cloud-based platform gives managers, teams, and entire organizations the power to employ operational intelligence toward saving resources, time, and in many cases, even lives.

Available in a range of product options, GSatTrack is certain to have a solution that works for your organization, even if there is a need to work with legacy systems, other data visualization platforms, and custom reporting requirements. In fact, because of GSatTrack’s nature as a hardware-agnostic platform, organizations with the most extensive and diverse asset variety leverage the most value from GSatTrack as a consolidator.

Data Visualization

Customizable Toolsets, Actionable Insights, and Tangible ROI

Data Analytics

Leverage insights from operational data

Mobile Apps

Rapidly deploy an entire ecosystem of data nodes

API Integration

A powerful engine for any data-intensive product

GSatTrack Telematics

Data Visualization Platform

GSatTrack’s primary interface, where managers can access the portal from anywhere in the world with an internet connection and monitor, manage, and maximize all assets in the ecosystem in near-real time.

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GSatTrack Analytics

Data Analysis Toolsets

GSatTrack has the flexibility to incorporate any level of custom analytical tools needed for any organization to meet operational goals.

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GSatTrack Mobile

Android & iOS Mobile Apps

GSatTrack’s mobile app, available on both Android and iOS, turns any device into a tracking asset, and also allows users to communicate with portal operators from their device. Ideal for those in need of a rapidly deployable telematics solution using existing hardware.

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GSatTrack API

Application Program Interface

API tools allow GSatTrack to integrate with any existing technology suite, whether to ingest operational data, or to parse and send data to other portals.

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Partner Program

Quick to Market SaaS

Reseller options involving the use of a fully customized and dedicated GSatTrack product, white-labeled solutions, or licensing agreements.

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Become a Reseller

Expand your product portfolio with industry-leading software.

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