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Pride in our software

GSE takes pride in its GSatTrack platform, which has been able to deliver real and tangible benefits to our customers. Part of this is listening to them, soliciting feedback about their experience, and making adjustments that benefit them in ways we hadn’t considered. Sometimes, however, these feedback solicitations result in us hearing about the ways in which our product has helped a client achieve goals they’d been struggling with for years, or just how much they like having a product that doesn’t require 40 hours of training.

Here are a few of our client testimonials, used with their permission.

GSatTrack and has become an extremely beneficial feature rich and user-friendly mapping/tracking service we are able to provide our unique customer base. I have had nothing but success when working with GSE. The GSE Team was able to get a new product added to GSatTrack within a few days! Even better- GSE was able to quickly resolve any issues with the new product upon testing with GSatTrack ( My customers can now track, message and manage their aircraft from anywhere! A new world of market opportunities now awaits our company! Thanks GSE!
Adam Kovacevich
Aerospace Program Manager, Whenever Communications LLC
I wanted to let you know how GSatTrack saved one of our employees from a long, cold night in the Idaho Sawtooths. He was returning from a mining camp project Saturday night and made a series of wrong turns in the rental car until he was quite lost. Fortunately, we had sent him out with the Iridium 9575 which he used to call me at home around 8 PM. I logged onto GSatTrack, quickly brought up his account and location on the local road map and vectored him with left and right turns until he was safely back on the main road. If not a life-saver it certainly avoided a much bigger problem. Great service!
Mark Freeberg
President, OCENS
GSatTrack has enabled us to maximize on opportunities and help our new and existing customers take advantage of the latest satellite communications devices to come to market.
Eric Talman
Technical Manager, Satphone Store
Breadcrumb has been using GSatTrack for several months. We are very impressed with the simplicity and design of the user interface, the robustness of your database and ease of device administration. Great stuff, awesome solution!
Mark Ratliff
President, Breadcrumb, LLC