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Feature Highlight: GSatTrack - Asset Routing

Being able to create and monitor routes drivers take is an important part of fleet management operations. GSatTrack supports a number of methods to assign and monitor routes vehicles take. Waypoints The first, most fully-featured method is integration with a portable navigation device (PND) such as a Garmin screen installed in the vehicle. When a PND is installed in the vehicle, GSatTrack can offer real-time, two-way communications between the...

Feature Highlight: GSatTrack - Trip Report

Being able to accurately monitor the performance of fleet assets over time is the cornerstone of running an efficient fleet operation. GSatTrack collects, analyzes, and summarizes the most commonly used information in the Trip Report. What is a Trip? Before analyzing a trip report it’s important to understand how a trip is defined. In the broadest sense, a trip is any journey that an asset makes. Since GSatTrack supports a multitude of devices ...

Feature Highlight: GSatTrack - Messaging

Messaging is often a critical aspect of asset tracking and fleet management for customers across a variety of industries. Timely and secure communication is key to running safe, efficient operations. With GSatTrack, a variety of options for communication are available: two-way communication between users in the field and portal operators; between users in the field and email/SMS contacts; and directly between users in the field, even those using ...

Feature Highlight: GSatTrack - End-to-End Email Encryption Using OpenPGP

In the modern world, securing data is almost as important as the data itself. GSatTrack supports complete end-to-end encryption of tracking data from the device to its eventual display to portal operators. However, one frequently overlooked aspect of security is email. Email is often the most convenient and demanded mechanism for receiving information such as alerts or reports about tracking assets, but is also typically one of the least secure, ...

Feature Highlight: GSatTrack - Custom Map Layers

Often it is valuable to overlay custom information on top of a standard map to provide additional (or otherwise missing) information about a place or region. This information can be added to GSatTrack in the form of custom Map Layers, also called overlays. By default, a standard set of Map Layers are included with every GSatTrack account, found under the Layers dropdown menu at the top-right of the tracking map. These layers can have their...