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Micro Tracker 

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Micro Tracker

Micro Tracker

The Micro Tracker is a small device combining GPS, Low Power GPS, WiFi Sniffing for accurate outdoor and indoor geolocation. It supports LoRaWAN™ for wide area connectivity, BLE for easy interoperability with other devices, and it includes various embedded sensors. A button, a buzzer and 3 LEDs are available to interface with the user. This compact and long battery lifetime product is ideal for personal tracking applications and limitless industrial use cases.


Compact form ideal for asset, people & animal location and tracking
Positioning with a fixed frequency, on demand or sensors-based trigger
Getting notified when the device is moving, when the button alert has been triggered
Knowing when the device is entering or leaving defined zones - geofencing
Lost and find applications in short and long range

Multi-technology geolocation

The Micro Tracker relies on multiple technologies to provide accurate geolocation in various environments (indoor/outdoor) while minimizing power consumption

Low Power GPS
WIFI Sniffing

NOTE: This device is supported by GSatTrack, but NOT SOLD by GSE. Please see the manufacturer for purchasing options.
Integrated Battery
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