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GSatRancher is the best choice for intelligent ranch and range management, allowing ranchers to spend less time driving, riding, and roaming vast grazing areas looking for their animals, and more time working on the hundreds of other things that make ranching a full-time effort.

Each GSatRancher device requires no charging, as it is powered by the solar panel on the surface of each unit. A full charge is possible with normal daily sunlight, and is good enough to allow the device to report 10 times before needing more power.

Each GSatRancher device is a compact and lightweight tracker, making it perfect for livestock, adventure equipment, and other “where is it?” tracking applications. At just 30 grams, it is light enough to go unnoticed, regardless of where or how you mount it.

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If you are interested in purchasing a GSatRancher , please contact us via email at, or by phone at +1.954-459-4000.
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