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The SAFARI™ and SAFARI™ 10 Extended L-band BGAN Terminals operating on the Inmarsat BGAN Satellite Network are compliant with Inmarsat Land Vehicular class-11 (with low gain Antenna Unit) and class-10 (with high gain Antenna Unit) respectively. Both of the units have one of the highest dynamic turning rate Land Vehicular BGAN antennas in the market with a turning rate of 60° per second (full circle in 6 seconds). The complete system consists of three fully integrated units — an IP44 rated in-vehicle Transceiver Unit (TU) with built-in Wi-Fi, an IP66 rated Handset and an IP56 rated roof mounted Antenna Unit (AU). Both C11 and C10 Antenna Units are compact and lightweight, ideal for vehicles on-the-move. It has been designed for the most demanding environments — and is easy to transport when traveling to various locations around the world. Both Antenna units are designed to withstand wind loading of up to 210 km/hour (130mph) with the included magnetic mounting kit.

The SAFARI™ and the SAFARI™ 10 Land Vehicular BGAN Terminals offer the user standard voice (4kbps AMBE+2), 3.1 KHz high quality voice/ fax and Streaming IP (up to 128kbps for the SAFARI™ and up to 256kbps for the SAFARI™ 10) and Standard IP data connection service (up to 448/464 kbps send/receive for the SAFARI™ and up to 492kbps send/receive for the SAFARI™ 10) for various applications, including internet browsing, email and file transfer functions.

Both terminals allow simultaneous use of all services including voice/fax, data and bonded multiple SMS messages. Physical interfaces include: 2 x RJ-11 for Voice and Fax, 2 x RJ45 for Ethernet LAN connections, a RS232 port for GPS output and 4 x GPIOs, for external control or indications.

NOTE: This device is supported by GSatTrack, but NOT SOLD by GSE. Please see the manufacturer for purchasing options.
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