Leverage actionable data to save lives

Making emergency flights more intelligent by relaying information ahead of arrival

GSatTrack for Users

Location and onboard instruments dominate the focus of the data ecosystems within the Rotorcraft industry. Because of the lack of traditional communications infrastructure that typically permeates industry sectors, access to near-real-time monitoring, management, and maximization of data ecosytems will help the sector leverage the power of satellite communications technology to increase safety and potentially save lives.

GSatTrack for Resellers

Because of your expertise in dealing with your Rotorcraft sector clients, your research has led you to GSatTrack in search of the ideal telematics visualization platform to serve them. You are aware of their specific needs related to data ecosystems constructed to track Location and onboard instruments. GSE has worked directly with its partners in the industry to develop a telematics visualization product that addresses these key pain points directly, defining a clear ROI and value proposition based on real demand.


Track location and behavior of assets to ensure safety and functional operation of all aircraft


Relay waypoints directly to and from the portal


Instrumentation can be employed to automate emergency protocols and mediate risk in life-threatening conditions

Monitored Behaviors

  • Maneuver performance
  • Search areas covered
  • Current flight paths
  • Pilot Performance
  • Track while in air
  • + More

Managed Actions

  • Relay waypoints for training exercises
  • Send course updates
  • Inform hospitals of inbound arrivals
  • Maintain operational control of flight operations
  • Calculate correct rotor RPM
  • + More

Maximized Results

  • Get precise crash locations
  • Improved logistics
  • Transmit vitals from onboard instruments to hospital data ecosystem
  • Safety protocol
  • Automated rescue monitoring.
  • + More

GSatTrack for Tracking

Military helicopters operating in areas with no communications infrastructure can send and receive messages and waypoints with central command and mission control.

GSatTrack for Automation

Medivac helicopters can send readouts from instruments to hospitals ahead of arrival so that emergency staff is more prepared for trauma patient intake.

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