Leverage driver management tools to meet safety requirements

Track, route, and manage mobile production units

GSatTrack for Users

Location and telematics dominate the focus of the data ecosystems within the Broadcasting industry. Because of the increasing demand for live event coverage and mobile production facility leases to accommodate live event broadcasting, access to near-real-time monitoring, management, and maximization of data ecosytems will ensure the safety of drivers moving these extensive production units as well as the security of the expensive equipment onboard. Additionally, GSatTrack solutions will allow managers of those companies to understand the logistics, potential delays, and optimizations they can employ to make more efficient use of resources for each mobile unit they lease and each show they run with those units.

GSatTrack for Resellers

Because of your expertise in dealing with your Broadcasting sector clients, your research has led you to GSatTrack in search of the ideal telematics visualization platform to serve them. You are aware of their specific needs related to data ecosystems constructed to track Location and telematics. GSE has worked directly with its partners in the industry to develop a telematics visualization product that addresses these key pain points directly, defining a clear ROI and value proposition based on real demand.


Keep track of ETA for mobile units at live events, schedule park and power directly from the portal


Assist with routing for weather events and other factors that will delay arrival of the mobile unit, rerouting as necessary


Perform driver fatigue management tasks and alert portal operators when a driver is showing signs of fatigue. As necessary, dispatch freelance drivers to tandem drive a unit on tight turn times.

Monitored Behaviors

  • War zones
  • Location information
  • Travel warnings
  • Asset movement in dangerous areas
  • + More

Managed Actions

  • Engage in 2-way messaging
  • Route optimization
  • Maintenance alerts
  • + More

Maximized Results

  • Prevent kidnappings
  • Reduce cost of lost equipment
  • Reduce loss of life
  • Increase communications network
  • + More

GSatTrack for Tracking

Driver fatigue management can save lives and also prevent major accidents, thus protecting the investments of the broadcasting company's multi-million dollar mobile production units

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