Heavy Equipment 

Leverage actionable data to manage maintenance needs

Bringing numerous hardware providers together in one portal

GSatTrack for Users

Usage in relation to capacity optimization and maintenance requirements dominate the focus of the data ecosystems within the Heavy Equipment industry. Because of the costs associated with maintenance and overuse of heavy machinery, access to near-real-time monitoring, management, and maximization of data ecosytems will allow managers to ensure that their equipment's operational capacity is met, while simultaneously tracking the maintenance needs and alerting service managers when something isn't right.

GSatTrack for Resellers

Because of your expertise in dealing with your Heavy Equipment sector clients, your research has led you to GSatTrack in search of the ideal telematics visualization platform to serve them. You are aware of their specific needs related to data ecosystems constructed to track Usage in relation to capacity optimization and maintenance requirements. GSE has worked directly with its partners in the industry to develop a telematics visualization product that addresses these key pain points directly, defining a clear ROI and value proposition based on real demand.


Status and maintenance needs can be monitored and reported by any number of sensors


Combine the data from multiple hardware and machinery manufacturers into a single portal


Set up M2M relays based on data flowing into the portal and alerts that generate commands from one piece of equipment to another

Monitored Behaviors

  • Maintenance schedules
  • Driver log in
  • Roll over incidents
  • Machine run times
  • Fuel consumption
  • + More

Managed Actions

  • Report on machine diagnostics
  • Driver efficiency and compliance
  • Alerts for maintenance needs
  • Theft recovery
  • Optimize machinery transportation
  • + More

Maximized Results

  • Reduce costs of critical machine failures
  • Improve security
  • Enhance performance of machinery
  • Create low down times
  • Increased chance of theft recovery
  • + More

GSatTrack for Automation

Send maintenance alerts and diagnostic information to portal managers

GSatTrack Inside

Heavy equipment comes with an increasingly large number of intelligent capabilities and sensors. Each of these pieces of hardware can provide critically important data, and will need a software capable of ingesting all of that information. GSatTrack is a perfect hardware-agnostic software compliment to any manufacturer's product offering, and can power a proprietary application.

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