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New Enhanced Features for the Multi Channel PBX System MCG-108

Global Satellite Engineering (GSE) has just announced its new enhanced MCG-108, its 8 channel satellite PBX solution that provides reliable communication when power fails – ideal for emergency management or hurricane support. The main new feature incorporates Iridium’s second-generation satellite transceiver – the 9522B Iridium L Band Transceiver (LBT) that provides a truly global and data communication.

Jeff Palmer, Director of GSE commenting on the new enhanced MCG-108 said, “We launched the original MCG-108 over 18 months ago. The new enhanced version is the result of listening to our customers and fine-tuning the many benefits of a satellite PBX with global coverage and GPS”. The enhanced MCG-108 is now more streamline and is 250% smaller than the original model. The actual size has changed from a 5U to a 2U.

Other new features include an embedded computing platform inside of a single case with a Layer 3 switch for complex customer networking requirements, along with a fully redundant power supply. The system has also been upgraded to include Solid State Storage instead of traditional spinning disks to increase reliability, shock endurance, and lower power consumption. One of the best mechanical improvements is a removable lid for easy access to all eight SIM cards. Configuration of the system and upgrades are still performed via a fully encrypted tunnel for simple maintenance and implementation. At our headquarters we can configure and test remote systems and diagnose any potential issues remotely

About Global Satellite Engineering

Global Satellite Engineering (GSE) was established in 2004 to provide engineering solutions for the satellite industry. Over the years, GSE has built up a reputation second to none with solutions being deployed for the military, disaster recovery, marine and mining environments, with accreditation from the world’s satellite provider – Iridium. All GSE products are manufactured in the United States at their headquarters in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

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