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6130 Mini-C LRIT 

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6130 Mini-C LRIT

SAILOR 6130 mini-C LRIT enables straightforward compliance to the Long Range Identification & Tracking IMO requirements, through simple operation and reliability.

The SAILOR 6130 mini-C LRIT is the premier standalone LRITsolution. SAILOR 6130 LRIT enables straightforward LRIT
compliance through ease ofoperation and reliability. Itoffers the same benefits towards acceptance and compliance as the legacy system, but with a number of key enhancements.

This terminal is a single, self-contained and sealed unit, housing both antenna and transceiver. This design approach has proven to be rugged and reliable regardless of vessel type and application.

NOTE: This device is supported by GSatTrack, but NOT SOLD by GSE. Please see the manufacturer for purchasing options.

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