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Explorer 510 

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Explorer 510

Explorer 510

EXPLORER 510 is the perfect choice if you are looking for a small and lightweight voice and broadband data communications device for you and your colleagues.

Smaller than a standard laptop and weighing less than 1.4 kg, this satellite terminal is easy to carry along when travelling the world.

In spite of the size of the terminal, EXPLORER 510 offers the multi-function capabilities of larger systems. You can check your email while making phone calls – from anywhere in the world. EXPLORER 510 gives you access to:

* Internet
* Email
* Fax
* Voice calls
* Video conferencing and streaming
* Corporate servers

For beginners and specialists alike, setting up your EXPLORER 510 is quick and easy. All EXPLORER terminals take into account ease of use and are highly customizable. They boast a plug and play capability, and give you simplicity, functionality and versatility – even if you are new to satellite communication.

BGAN Explorer 510 Satellite Internet for Email, Web Browsing, Weather and Vessel Tracking
Pair BGAN products with GMN’s customized packages to meet your needs for wireless voice and data communication wherever you are.

XGate to access email: Up to 15 times faster than uncompressed BGAN rates, and save up to 85% on BGAN airtime.

XWeb to browse the internet: Up to 3-5 times faster than uncompressed rates, saving time and money with your BGAN service.

Other services include: Inmarsat airtime, weather, and vessel tracking.

NOTE: This device is supported by GSatTrack, but NOT SOLD by GSE. Please see the manufacturer for purchasing options.