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5 years in development, A-TACS™ (Aviation Telemetry & Communication System) helps you
manage where, when, how and why of flight operations.

A-TACS™ provides tamper-proof, constant aircraft tracking and on-board equipment analysis that produces valuable aircraft data for performance, security and safety assessments and immediate data retrieval for investigators.

An A-TACS™ fitted aircraft imports telemetry from the aircraft systems and sensors including the “Black Box”. It transmits that data “live” using Constant Adaptive Monitoring (CAM) from the aircraft to satellites, which is then sent to a secure A-TACS™ data recovery Hub.

Using ESSTRACK’s SatGRAB™ web interface, this data can be made available to aircraft manufactures, airlines, air traffic control and most importantly search and rescue teams & investigators. In the unfortunate event an aircraft crashes, A-TACS™ can immediately pin point the location anywhere on the globe.

Aviation accidents and incidents will be solved in weeks not years and stakeholders will never have to wonder what happened, where, how or why?

For the first time in aviation history, airlines can monitor their A-TACS™ fitted aircraft “live” for the total flight. Aircraft manufactures will be able to monitor rich telemetry from aircraft and improve design features.

NOTE: This device is supported by GSatTrack, but NOT SOLD by GSE. Please see the manufacturer for purchasing options.
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