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The LMU-4520™ is a fully weatherproof IP67 dual-mode location and messaging device for mining and construction markets that features both Iridium® satellite and cellular communications as well as connection to the vehicles ECU (Engine Control Unit) interface to deliver fleet management features, comprehensive I/O system and expandable accessories....Read More

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The IR-SAT Tag (Iridium Satellite and UHF Tag) provides wildlife animal tracking and telemetry with the aid of a small low power UHF Transceiver capable of ranges between a few hundred meters to a several kilometers depending on the terrain and a IR-SAT module that transmits\receives data over the Iridium satellite system. The Tags scheduled reporting and logging allows the Tag to: - Transmit data via UHF and IR-SAT (Reporting) - Store and forward unsuccessful GSM transmission on next reporting interval. - Received new settings via UHF and IR-SAT - Store data in the Tags non-volatile me...Read More

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Environmentally sealed, the GSatMicro is a handheld satellite terminal that is suitable for the harshest and most challenging environments that are far from the reach of most communications systems. The GSatMicro provides personnel communications equipment that is exceptionally secure, light, reliable, portable, and rugged, with the addition of added behavior control. The GSatMicro brings together powerful electronics with an intelligent core to create an extremely versatile unit that can detect and communicate the behavior of assets in the field. In its handheld form factor, the GSatMicro ...Read More

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Intelligent Satellite Terminal Developed and manufactured by GSE in the US. A unique global Voice + Data + Tracking terminal that operates as a multipurpose communications hub, Internet gateway, and intelligent GPS telematics device with the ability to send and receive data, voice, and SMS, and also connect to other devices Ethernet, through internal RS232, and WiFi. GSE is an approved DISA Enhanced Mobile Satellite Services (EMSS) Partner. GSE's MCG-101 and GSatMicro Series products are approved to function on the DoD Gateway. The MCG-101 accepts an EMSS SIM Card and is included in the EM...Read More

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Iridium OpenPort

Iridium OpenPort® equipment is easy install, surprisingly affordable and delivers more bandwidth to your customers. Note: Iridium OpenPort® is no longer available for purchase and has been replaced by its second generation maritime solution, Iridium Pilot™. Product support will be available until 2016. Supporting documentation is available under Support in the right navigation....Read More

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Iridium Go!

Iridium GO!® Take Personal Communications Further Iridium GO!® provides global voice calling and text messaging solutions for your smartphone, as well as enhanced data capabilities offered through optimized apps to meet your unique needs. ...Read More

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Iridium Extreme PTT

Iridium Extreme PTT Push-to-Talk Just Got Smarter and Tougher The Iridium Extreme® Push-to-Talk (PTT) is the device for global dependability, adaptability and durability. Only Iridium can deliver the power of fast, simple and secure group communication with the toughest, most feature-rich PTT-enabled satellite phone on the market. *It is important to note. The Iridium Extreme PTT does not allow tracking or other features while in PTT mode....Read More

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Iridium Extreme 9575

A Feature-rich Handset that Raises the Bar on Toughness Iridium Extreme® combines market-leading toughness with an unmatched feature set including location awareness and a fully integrated SOS button with emergency response service — all in one compact handset....Read More

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Iridium Edge

Iridium Edge Rugged, Reliable and Cost-effective Asset Tracking and Fleet Management Deliver more value to customers by leveraging your existing terrestrial-based IoT solution for fleet management, telematics, safety and other remote monitoring applications. Iridium Edge® is a cost-effective satellite IoT communications device that can be rapidly deployed and complements terrestrial-based solutions to create worldwide connectivity. Iridium provides global IoT coverage for the most remote and inaccessible areas of the world. ...Read More

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Voyager One

Features •Iridium 9602 SBD Transceiver controller with built-in GPS •Built-in accelerometer to monitor events and/or tilt •Highly configurable to meet a wide range of applications •Ultra-low power consumption (< 5uA) •Serial interface for customer equipment or text messaging •8 Configurable I/O’s can be remotely monitored or controlled •2 Dedicated 12-bit analogue-to-digital (ADC) inputs•Optionally configure IO as panic switch •Optional AES message encryption •Miniature size and ultra-light weight Applications Search and Rescue, Personnel/Animal/Asset tracki...Read More

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