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GSatMicro X OEM 

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GSatMicro X OEM

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GSatMicro X OEM

The GSatMicro X OEM is an incredibly customizable device which combines telematics and onboard intelligence in a way no other satellite device has before. Starting with an engineering challenge to design the smallest possible satellite tracking device, the GSatMicro X OEM not only delivers, it includes extremely advanced functionality in an astonishingly small package. The GSatMicro X OEM allows the ability to satellite enable unique projects to solve or develop strategic missions. It performs as a completely customizable telemetry device with multiple I/O ports allowing the ability to tie in a host of sensors capable of truly understanding how things are behaving.

The GSatMicro X OEM board clips directly onto the Iridium 9602 modem providing a platform for developers to integrate into their own projects. Every component of the GSatMicro X OEM was designed to fit into a dense vertical stack, providing extremely advanced functionality in an astonishingly small package. It is capable of being fully integrated into a customized form factor designed to meet specialized demands of any project imaginable.

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