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Remote Viewer™—Satellite Camera Solution
A compact remote viewer satellite camera solution
The Remote Viewer™ is a satellite camera solution used for remote environmental monitoring from Nupoint Systems, designed to provide managers of remote locations the ability to keep an eye on what’s happening as often as needed. It’s a rugged, portable, and lightweight satellite camera solution that includes a sturdy camera and a sophisticated two-way satellite data transceiver (SD200-G) that allows M2M communication monitoring (machine to machine). It’s ideal for monitoring harsh isolated locations where cellular communication is not an option.

Snapshot of the Remote Viewer portable remote monitoring satellite camera solution
• Robust M2M communications monitoring tool (machine to machine)
• Easy to set up and manage remotely
• Can withstand harsh rugged weather conditions
• Low power consumption, designed for solar and battery operation
• Affordable system and communication fees
• Tag images with timestamp and GPS location
• Available with dome or box camera
• Optional IR illuminator (see-in-the-dark) available for box and dome cameras
• Programmable to transmit quality images by email
• Works where cellular communication is not an option
• Uses reliable LEO satellite network (no need to point the antenna)
• Includes two-way data transceiver (supports multiple cameras)

What satellite provider is the Nupoint’s Remote Viewer—satellite camera compatible with?
Currently, the Remote Viewer M2M system is configured for use on the Globalstar duplex data network. Globalstar satellite system is a Low Earth Orbit system, which eliminates problems with obstructions to Geosynchronous satellite systems, which require line of sight to the satellite.

Satellite Communications
Uplink Speed 9.6 Kbps
Downlink Speed 9.6 Kbps
Satellite Type LEO satellite, global coverage
Antenna Built in Omni antennas

Power Supply
Input voltage 12 Volts nominal, 8 to 15 VDC
Power usage Typically less than 2Ah per day with 24 images per day

NOTE: This device is supported by GSatTrack, but NOT SOLD by GSE. Please see the manufacturer for purchasing options.
No Battery
Device Type: