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GL500 series (LTE) includes three waterproof GNSS trackers that feature an up to 7 years standby time powered by internal batteries. The series is ideal for a range of tracking applications that require real-time monitoring on temperature and light. GL500 series (LTE) supports LTE CAT-M1 (eMTC)/ LTE CAT-M2 (NB-IoT) network on multiple band for operation in America, Europe, and Oceania with a fallback to GPRS. Note: IP67 "waterproof".

The GL500 is a powerful GPS tracker designed for fixed asset tracking applications. It is powered by two user replaceable CR123A lithium batteries. Configuration allows it to wake up on a preset schedule to check if it needs to shift from dormant to active status and/or send update of its current location, then returning to a dormant state. Optimally configured, it will operate autonomously for 1000 days. Its built-in 3-axis accelerometer allows the GL500 to detect asset movement and transmit an alert message. The integrated @Track interface protocol allows the GL500 to communicate with a customer mobile phone or a backend server via GPRS/SMS and transfer reports of GPS position, etc.

Device Specs
Device Type: Asset Tracker
I/O 2/1
Battery: Yes – Internal Backup Battery
Communication methods: GPS, GRRS, GSM

Device Features
Long Standby Time, More Than 1000 Days
Rapid and Covert Installation – No Wiring, No External Antennas
Optional Voice Monitoring
User Serviceable CR123A Batteries

Device Applications
Asset Tracking

NOTE: This device is supported by GSatTrack, but NOT SOLD by GSE. Please see the manufacturer for purchasing options.
Integrated Battery
Device Type: