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SBD Warrior 

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SBD Warrior

SBD Warrior

SBD Warrior
SATELLIGENT’s SBD WARRIOR allows users the ability to communicate globally in a variety of applications such as fleet & asset tracking, data telemetry or as a personal communication device. Featuring GPS, a high-performance 32 bit microcontroller, wide voltage range and ultra-low power consumption, the SBD WARRIOR can be effortlessly integrated into OEM products or can be used as a standalone device. Support for integrating the SBD WARRIOR into third party applications is provided through an extensive Application Programming Interface (API). Equipped with power and communication signals on a single DB15 female connector, the SBD WARRIOR offers the user an endless array of satellite telemetry applications.

Controller for Iridium® 9603 SBD transceiver
48 channel SiRFstarIV™ chipset based GPS
Serial interface for 3rd party equipment or PC control
Wide supply voltage range (7– 28 VDC)
Fused 5V switched power output for external devices
Two 12 bit Analog to Digital (ADC) inputs
Two Digital I/O’s (configurable as panic input)
Transient voltage protection
Ultra-low standby power consumption ( OEM and standalone versions available
Extremely small solution size (2L x 1.4W x 0.75H inch)
integration into OEM products with a convenient DB15 interface
Application Programming Interface support through extended AT commands
6 axes inertial sensor, comprising of a tri-axial accelerometer and gyroscope

Fleet Management
Remote Data Telemetry
Personal and Asset Tracking
Personal Communications (Email)
Industrial Monitoring and Control

NOTE: This device is supported by GSatTrack, but NOT SOLD by GSE. Please see the manufacturer for purchasing options.
No Battery