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The Wideye™ iFleetONE™ terminal is the latest generation maritime communications system operating on the Inmarsat global Alphasat and I-4 satellite network. Designed to be compact for small and mid-sized fishing and leisure vessels, it delivers affordable, tailored broadband data and voice services.
While at sea, the Wideye™ iFleetONE™ will be your indispensable partner for all of your business or leisure communications needs - it makes it easy to talk, text, and send and receive emails. It offers one voice line and data up to 100kbps - ideal for accessing full-color weather images, navigational charts and routing information, as well as sending reports and browsing the web.

With Inmarsat’s free 505 Emergency calling service included, Wideye™ iFleetONE™ helps to keep sailors safe. Additionally, it offers many value-added features including:

• Built-in Firewall
• Built-in Wi-Fi for wireless mobility and smartphone applications accessibility
• Standard IP Data with one user accessible Primary PDP Context
• Built-in Web Console (English and Simplified Chinese languages)
• Remote Access for diagnostics, configuration, and management
SIM Lock based on IMSI/APN
• Data Connection ON / OFF Control via external remote switch
• Volume limited access for data sessions
• Radio Silence (radio transmission on/off) Control via external remote switch
• Configurable Restricted dialing - to prevent unauthorized outgoing calls
• Configurable Forced dialing - with SAC configuration - to enable crew calling
• Built-in SIP server supporting third-party VoIP devices/ applications
• Automatic position reporting and fleet tracking capability including geo-fencing, with up to 10 polygon areas configurable

NOTE: This device is supported by GSatTrack, but NOT SOLD by GSE. Please see the manufacturer for purchasing options.