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Location Based Services - The Iridium Extreme™ GPS and Location-Based Service features allow you to view, send, or restrict your location information. There are four main components to setup and use these features: 1.) Location Options Setup Menu: located in the Iridium Extreme™ main menu in the setup section, Location Options Options is where you customize your GPS, emergency, message, and format options. 2.) Programmable SOS button: this red button is located on the top of the phone, under a protective cover. By removing the cover and and pressing the red button you can send your location information to your designated contact in the event of an emergency. 3.) Location Convenience Key: located on the right side of the phone, you can to press this key to view your location and share it via SMS to either a pre-programmed “Quick GPS” contacts or a new message contact. 4.) Online portal integration with 3rd party providers: enables the transmission of the phone’s location information on a scheduled interval via short-burst data (SBD) to 3rd party portal providers for online tracking

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