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OGSS: Lone Worker Safety

Oil and Gas Solutions Series This article is part of a series on satellite-based solutions that are intended to help oil and gas companies improve their bottom line by highlighting opportunities to leverage data in an effort to improve efficiency and operational safety. To view other OGSS articles, please see the links in the "Looking Ahead" section of the introductory article. Real World Scenarios with High Stakes I have a former colleague who...

Oil and Gas Solutions Series (OGSS): Introduction

OGSS: Satellite Solutions for a Better Bottom Line GSE will roll out a new blog series with a focus on how satellite communications can improve safety, productivity, and the bottom line of onshore oil and gas operations. There are countless companies, both here in the US and around the globe, providing oil and gas services. In fact, as of 2020, a significant portion of the planet functions off of the valuable liquid dubbed “black gold.” The ...