Leverage live data and alerts to protect vessels & crew

Maximizing profit margins by optimizing yield management practices

GSatTrack for Users

Load optimization and onboard equipment functionality dominate the focus of the data ecosystems within the Commercial Fishing industry. Because of the extensive size of many of the world's fleets, access to near-real-time monitoring, management, and maximization of data ecosytems will help companies optimize yield chain management, protect assets from maintenance-related downtime, weather, and piracy.

GSatTrack for Resellers

Because of your expertise in dealing with your Commercial Fishing sector clients, your research has led you to GSatTrack in search of the ideal telematics visualization platform to serve them. You are aware of their specific needs related to data ecosystems constructed to track Load optimization and onboard equipment functionality. GSE has worked directly with its partners in the industry to develop a telematics visualization product that addresses these key pain points directly, defining a clear ROI and value proposition based on real demand.


Track maintenance status of onboard freezers and other mechanical equipment critical to business operations


Bad weather warnings from API data can be sent automatically to onboard device


Optimize yield load against fuel consumption to determine best routes

Monitored Behaviors

  • Marine marker compliance
  • Maintenance needs
  • Vessel location
  • Wind and weather patterns
  • + More

Managed Actions

  • Warn vessels of incoming bad weather
  • Direct vessel traffic
  • Observe load maximization
  • Organize fishing schedules
  • + More

Maximized Results

  • Reduce sunken ship scenarios
  • Prevent lost at sea scenarios
  • Improve sustainability
  • Regulation compliance
  • + More

GSatTrack for Tracking

International threat database APIs can be managed in the GSatTrack portal to alert managers when vessels are entering waters that have been designated as dangerous, whether because of piracy threats or weather events

GSatTrack for Automation

The portal can automatically issue alerts to the ship that it needs to divert course to avoid a particular weather or piracy incident, and can also send new routes and waypoints to ensure the safest passage

GSatTrack Inside

Convert each vessel into a floating data mine, allowing it to collect information about weather conditions, vessel traffic, wildlife activity, and other information that feeds an API of seafaring data

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