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Remote Data Ecosystems: Transforming Data

Series Overview This article is the fourth in a series about what it takes to deploy a fully functioning remote data ecosystem for your organization. Anywhere you have assets in the field, whether it’s machinery, people, tools, light vehicles, or specialized equipment, those assets are generating information that could be valuable or critical to running a successful and efficient operation. Over the past few decades, connectivity and...

New Animal Tracking Bundle for GSatSolar Series

If it roams, GSE can track it Building on the success of the GSatRancher, GSE is expanding its GSatSolar Series with exclusive animal tracking packages for as little as $5/month. Since launching the GSatRancher for cattle tracking in April of 2021, the GSatSolar Series has been tested in a number of animal and IoT markets, and the success in conservation has changed the conservation and research game entirely. GSE has worked with partners around ...

Growing Business in Satellite

Growing business in the satellite industry can be an incredibly daunting challenge. For most, it means either racing other companies to capitalize on better hardware opportunities, competing in a globally open software provider market, or generally existing with the goal of expansion when the primary market (people and places that lack reliable communications) shrinks with every new 5G tower, fiber line, and infrastructure project. This industry ...

Spotlight Series: Rugged Plastic for Oil and Gas

Spotlight Series Overview Many of the GSE blog series have great content about how GSE solutions can help people across dozens of industries collect, move, and manage the data intelligence of their business. This series will get more specific and focus on the specific features of those products and solutions, and how they deliver value to people in specific job functions. The series will introduce the REAL people using GSE's products, and...

Low-cost Solar Powered Satellite Tracking Bundle

Tracking anything under the sun wherever cellular connectivity is not available and when changing batteries is not practical, is now an attainable and affordable reality. Using the latest technology, GSE has bridged an expensive gap in satellite tracking by developing the GSatSolar Series, a set of low-cost, compact, rugged, solar-powered terminals. Imagine the Possibilities So many new applications open up with the GSatSolar...

GSatSolar Rancher is now just GSatRancher

Name Change: GSatRancher One thing we have noticed in our preliminary conversations is that our customers are already shortcutting the name of the GSatSolar Rancher to just "the Rancher" or "the GSatRancher." We hear you, it's easier, and it does make a lot of sense. Because of that, we've decided to just go ahead and make changes now so that everyone is speaking the same language about the GSatSolar Series. From now on, when you want a...

Disruptive AgTech Innovation: GSatSolar

Let's Talk Terms Disruptive and Innovative It's buzzword time! We often hear the terms innovative and disruptive tossed around in a way that summons Inigo Montoya. Innovation requires problem solvers to take an entirely new approach to solving a problem, or to define the problem in an entirely different way. Disruption requires that solution to create a new industry or otherwise change the way that industry does business on a fundamental...

GSatSolar Product Video is Live!

With the full launch of the GSatSolar just around the corner, we're wondering... What Will YOU Track? ...

GSE Industrial Design: GSatSolar Part 6, The Complete Solution

Series Overview This industrial design series is a great opportunity for us to show off the design processes we go through at GSE when we're creating new hardware products. This is the final piece of a six part series that points the spotlight at our new low-cost tracking terminal, the GSatSolar. If you have not read the other articles in this series, I suggest starting with the introduction piece by clicking here, because it has important...

GSatSolar Enables Affordable Satellite IoT

The IoT Sandbox Oracle defines the Internet of Things (IoT) as the network of physical objects that are embedded with sensors, software, and other technologies for the purpose of connecting and exchanging data with other devices and systems over the internet. While this sounds complicated, what IoT truly provides is the ability for businesses to maximize, manage, and monetize information to improve decision making at every level. This space has...