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Industrial Tracker

The Industrial Tracker offers an extremely long battery life and combines high-performance GPS receiver, a WIFI receiver and a Semtech LoRa™ transceiver, making it ideal for low-power industrial indoor and outdoor tracking applications. Applications Asset tracking and management in industrial environments Pallets, airport trolleys, containers, heavy tools... Asset & vehicle location & tracking Monitoring of activity and operating periods using onboard sensors Anti-theft systems Multi-technology geolocation The Industrial Tracker relies on multiple technologies to provide...Read More

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Micro Tracker

The Micro Tracker is a small device combining GPS, Low Power GPS, WiFi Sniffing for accurate outdoor and indoor geolocation. It supports LoRaWAN™ for wide area connectivity, BLE for easy interoperability with other devices, and it includes various embedded sensors. A button, a buzzer and 3 LEDs are available to interface with the user. This compact and long battery lifetime product is ideal for personal tracking applications and limitless industrial use cases. Applications Compact form ideal for asset, people & animal location and tracking Positioning with a fixed frequency, on d...Read More

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