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Spotlight: Life Saving Timed Check-ins

Saving Lives with GSatTrack Timed Check-ins One of the most common strategies to support lone worker safety protocols is the use of timed check-ins. Workers operating by themselves or in dangerous environments check-in at specified intervals, and whenever a timed check-in is missed, GSatTrack initiates the protocol set up by the portal administrator. In another article, Justin Sowell explained the value of GSatTrack's Lone Worker support suite...

Disruptive AgTech Innovation: GSatSolar

Let's Talk Terms Disruptive and Innovative It's buzzword time! We often hear the terms innovative and disruptive tossed around in a way that summons Inigo Montoya. Innovation requires problem solvers to take an entirely new approach to solving a problem, or to define the problem in an entirely different way. Disruption requires that solution to create a new industry or otherwise change the way that industry does business on a fundamental...