GSatTrack Changes

A Better Experience

GSatTrack saw two major updates go live in the past week, both of which were aimed directly at making things easier for all GSatTrack users. We made some major changes to the Navigation Panel and to the way users view Assets in the portal. Next, we noticed that the Shared Views feature was...


GSatTrack How to Series: Generate Alert Summary Report


Scott walks us through Alert Summary Reports, which provide managers with an easily viewable list of the Alerts generated by selected Assets over a designated time frame.


GSatTrack How to Series: Generating Activity Reports

activity report

Scott walks us through the process of generating an activity report, which can be used in the portal or exported for your convenience.


SitRep: Delivered

About Iridium

Every 15 minutes, you can look up into the sky from anywhere on earth and if you have great eyesight or a telescope, chances are you will see a tiny moving dot in the sky - no it’s not a bird, not a plane, not Superman, but it could be an Iridium Satellite orbiting across the globe.

Iridium is...