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GSatTrack lowers overhead by reducing theft and maintenance costs of construction equipment

About GSatTrack GSatTrack is a web based integrated satellite and GSM tracking solution, compatible with modern web browsers and works on a multilingual platform that brings together all the positions of every manufactured product under one location and displays and manages them in a single unified interface. With GSatTrack, asset locations and movements - including position, speed, altitude and heading - are tracked in real-time...

Solar-powered Iridium satellite terminal brings savings to the oil & gas industry

About the GSatMicro OEM The GSatMicro OEM model-while having the capabilities of a tracker-is also a completely customizable telemetry device with multiple I/O ports allowing you to tie in a host of sensors capable of truly understanding how things are behaving. From ultrasonic fuel sensors to ambient temperature monitors; the GSatMicro OEM allows you the freedom to build solutions around the needs of your project rather than being...

Protecting national parks with the right handheld solution

About the GSatMicro Handheld Version The GSatMicro handheld version is the smallest self-contained Iridium tracker in the world! It transmits positions, SOS alerts and other specialized information through its industry-leading satellite antenna and electronics technology to be monitored and analyzed in real time. Configuration capabilities enable the support of any asset and type of information, allowing the GSatMicro handheld version...

GSatTrack integrates with Skywave and Garmin to save on fuel costs

About Skywave and GSatTrack The integration of Skywave M2M hardware and GSatTrack offers a complete logistical solution. The combination of hardware and GSatTrack provides two way communication, real time condition updates, additional monitoring sensors and the flexibility of being able to change the behavior of devices over the air allowing you to truly adapt to any situation your most valuable assets are experiencing. The...

Open source Iridium platform meets the needs of the NASA LDSD project

About GSatMicro OEM Terminal The GSatMicro OEM delivers extremely advanced functionality and several customization options in an astonishingly small package. Every component of the GSatMicro was designed to fit into a dense vertical stack. Utilizing satellite technology the GSatMicro OEM terminal enables you to develop projects that you may have thought otherwise inaccessible. The Customer Situation NASA’s LDSD (Low ...