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GSatTrack How to Series: Device Communication Reports

Event Detail Report
Scott walks us through using the Event Detail Report as a way to view and keep track of messages sent from devices to GSatTrack and messages sent between devices monitored by GSatTrack. ...

GSatTrack How to Series: Change Password

For one reason or another, we constantly find ourselves in need of a new password. GSatTrack has an easy way to change passwords, as Scott shows us in this episode of the GSatTrack How to Series. ...

GSatSolar Product Video is Live!

With the full launch of the GSatSolar just around the corner, we're wondering... What Will YOU Track? ...

GSatTrack How to Series: Heading

Heading can be a critically important piece of information when analyzing an asset's location and movement. Looking at history, it's much easier to see where an asset has been and where it is going, but with a single data point, users can also see the arrow that indicates the direction the device was facing when it reported that position. ...

GSatTrack How to Series: Lone Worker Heartbeat Alerts and Stationary Dwell Alerts

Scott walks us through the Heartbeat Alert and Stationary Dwell Alert, which is a critically important component of a truly comprehensive Lone Worker Safety package. ...

GSatTrack How to Series: Dwell Alerts - Stationary and Geofence

Scott takes us through the differences in the two Dwell Alerts available in GSatTrack, which let you know when an Asset has been stationary in a particular location for a specified time. ...

GSatTrack How to Series: Messages

Message vs Chat
Scott explains the difference between the two different types of messages sent between devices and GSatTrack. ...

GSatTrack How to Series: Activity Log

Scott shows us the Activity Log, which is a cumulative list of notifications of all event types for a given Asset or Group during the active session's date range of data. ...

GSatTrack How to Series: Asset Status

Scott explains how users can find Asset Status indicators in the list panel, what they mean, and how to expand them for more information. ...

GSatTrack How to Series: Theft Prevention

Scott walks through the process of setting up an Alert for unauthorized Asset movement, which can be used to monitor potential theft. ...