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2020 Looks Good for GSE


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GSE product teams are incredibly excited about 2020 projects

2019 was a huge year for GSatTrack, as the long-awaited launch of sweeping updates to the industry-leading telematics portal went live in Q1, and our transition to the new interface and experience went exceptionally well. Our clients and partners are now equipped with an even more feature-rich platform than before, and we’re excited about what we get to deploy next.

Our goals for 2019 were in line with delivering a product that could open doors to new markets for our sales team and also for our partners and their business lines. In 2020, the GSatTrack product team hopes to double down on that goal with an expansion of feature sets, performance improvements, intuitive shortcuts, and more accessible account options.

Positioning for Growth

As we slate our projects for 2020 and beyond, we have our attention focused on delivering solutions that satisfy needs in major growth sectors. We’ve added a number of features to GSatTrack, and continue to shape the product’s future around a world that is seeing momentous growth in smart agricultural products, for example. Leveraging the platform’s ability to support smartfarms, tracking of livestock, and zoning, our teams created a number of solutions for commercial agriculture and are ready to deploy them in 2020.

Further, GSatTrack’s known hegemony in vehicular applications is expanding rapidly with new features from 2019 and 2020 going live for our current and future clients. With transit logistics, autonomous vehicles, and on-demand courier tracking opportunities alone, we have identified tens of millions of vehicular assets looking for a telematics product to enhance their commercial use.

Sharing the Journey

The adventure market saw tremendous growth in 2019, and GSE expects that growth to continue in 2020, as more people embrace the feasibility of exploring with emergency communication products. Additionally, the increasing number of digital nomads, remote-working millennials, and retiring boomers has caused a surge in demand for adventure products,and satellite-based support for leisure boating, RVs, and off-grid emergency communications products.

Perhaps the most significant new features from 2019 that will be getting more focus in 2020 were Journeys and Shared Views. While these features have already proven to be significant for commercial applications, we also feel the ability to focus on socializing users’ tracking data opens a number of doors in 2020 that we will be exploring with our clients.

Along the lines of sharing and focusing our attention on the Journeys and Shared Views features, throughout the year we will be spotlighting some of our own most adventurous GSatMicro units and their stories, travels, and adventures as part of a series called GSatExplorers. If you want to know what a day in the life of a GSatMicro is really like, that's a series you don't want to miss. Happy 2020!

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