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24-hour Alerts with GSatRancher


Some things can't wait.

When you need to know right now, you need GSatRancher with GSatTrack.
GSatTrack can filter the most important messages from your cows and send you a text any time of day.

Work Smarter

Let GSatTrack watch your GSatRancher data for you, and tell you what you want to know, when you want to know it.

Imagine being able to monitor your entire herd and respond to emergencies as soon as they happen without having to sit in front of a screen all day. Setting up Alerts in GSatTrack allows you to tell GSatRancher devices what things you want to know immediately, and the GSatTrack portal will send a message directly to your phone if those things happen. Below are some of the Alerts that can be configured with GSatTrack using GSatRancher data.

Examples of GSatTrack Alerts

cow not moving

Animal not moving

When a GSatRancher tag reports the same location repeatedly, a Stationary Dwell Alert can be sent to your phone with the animal’s last known location. These Alerts usually mean an animal is sick or stressed, or that someone has forcibly removed the tag and left it on the ground. Either way, you’ll be the first to know, and the location can be copied directly into your map/routing app of choice.

cow not where it should be

Animal not where it should be

Working with Geofences, it’s possible to set up Exit Geofence Alerts to notify you when an animal is outside of a designated area. This can help with identifying broken fences, possible theft, or even just animals that have wandered where they aren’t supposed to go.

water supplies

Not visiting water supplies

It is often the case that sick animals avoid eating and drinking for days. Knowing when animals haven’t reported a position near a water source can tip ranchers to check on that animal. At the same time, if most or all animals haven’t visited a particular water source, it can signify fouling or some other issue that needs to be addressed immediately.

herd patterns

Movement behavior patterns

With GSatRancher data comes new opportunities to grow GSatTrack with intelligent Alerts related to animal behavior patterns. Head cocking, rapid ear movement, and excessive agitation are all detectable by the device’s accelerometer, and indicate a variety of behaviors unique to animals in need of attention, whether because they are calving, in oestrus, or otherwise behaving strangely due to illness.


Animal is close to another tracked Asset

It’s not always important to know when animals are close to each other, but Near Asset Alerts can be set up to tell you when one of your cows has reported a position close to a tracked bull, or to a piece of equipment. This can be particularly relevant when you’re trying to track calving, visits to water supplies, or visits to other locations that are tracked as Assets in the portal.

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