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All the Way: Two Decades of GSE

GSE timeline

Happy Birthday GSE

GSE is celebrating 20 years in the satellite game. We are proud of how much we have grown, and of the amazing things we have been able to accomplish as a company doing things in ways that nobody else does them. Take a quick eras tour style look back with us at everything that has happened since 2004.

The Building Era (2004-2014)


So Many Products

It started with PlaneSight- a product that allowed for the transmission of encrypted remote video surveillance over the Iridium network. PlaneSight was an impressive piece of technology at the time, as it found an innovative way to skirt the bandwidth requirements for "streaming" video over satellite while people were still watching images load pixel by pixel via DSL, and slapping glittertext "Thanks for the Add" graphics all over their friends' MySpace pages. Being able to get video feeds from places that lacked even basic electrical infrastructure was an incomprehensible technological leap.

Over the years, GSE went on an engineering spree, developing a number of solutions for the SatCom industry that are still used today.

  • 2004: PlaneSight
  • 2004: SatCollect
  • 2005: MCG-108
  • 2006: MCG-101 (blackfin)
  • 2009: MCG-101 (mips)
  • 2009: GSatTrack
  • 2014: GSatMicro

Four of GSE's most well-known products (GSatTrack, GSatMicro, MCG-101, and SatCollect) were developed during GSE's first 10 years in business. Most of these products have seen enhancements over the years, but still retain their market-defining identities.

The Scaling Era (2014-2019)


Amazing Projects

Seeing what people could do with our solutions was an incredible period in our company's history. We worked with NASA to track rockets, collaborated with Iridium to track the launch of its NEXT constellation in real time, and even facilitated the first ever commercial tweet sent from space. Did you know that Inmarsat certifies tracking platforms? Neither did anyone else until GSatTrack became the first one to receive the designation.

Our company grew extensively as we added more people and delivered solutions for some truly exceptional projects over the years. We also relaunched our GSatTrack product with a new UI and a tremendous amount of user experience improvements.

  • 2014: Tracking NASA test rockets in real time
  • 2015: First Inmarsat certified tracking platform
  • 2015: First LoRaWAN communications over satellite
  • 2017: Live Tracking Event of Iridium NEXT satellite constellation deployment
  • 2009: 2018: First commercial tweet from space
  • 2019: 2018: GSatMicro approved by DISA for EMSS
  • 2019: GSatTrack 2.0

The Partnering Era (2020-2024)


Setting the Standard

GSE's products and projects allow our company to set the tone in the satellite world, with the trust that our engineering teams are capable of delivering the solutions that will be the benchmark for new technologies and capabilities. GSE has begun to expand through official partnerships with major networks like Globalstar, heavy equipment OEMs, and others. These partnerships allow us to develop new solutions that can be added to other companies' portfolios to capture new revenue opportunities from increased capability.

Our partnerships are cascading into each other, first with Globalstar as the official tracking platform provider, and then with them to develop a new tracking terminal that makes satellite tracking viable for low cost assets. We are excited to pursue additional partnerships with our future products, and to continuing to deliver our expertise far and wide for the benefit of the entire industry.

  • 2020: Official partnership with Globalstar announced
  • 2020: GSatTrack named in NASA 'state of the art' report
  • 2020: Built and deployed FindMeSpot and SpotMyGlobalstar portal
  • 2021: GSatSolar
  • 2021: GSatRancher
  • 2023: GSatSolar chosen for rhino conservation efforts

Cheers to Another 20!

Over the years, our relationships have defined our greatest moments. Celebrating our achievements with employees who have been with us for 5, 10, and 15+ years has been a treat. Celebrating the individual wins of our customers has been fun to watch. Building and launching products that change the industry has been a passion. We look forward to continuing this journey with all of you for the next 20 years.

About the Author
Sarah Jones
Social Media Manager

Sarah joined GSE in 2020 to provide support for marketing and Social Media operations. A digital native, Sarah's passion is connecting with people digitally and in person. Her favorite SatCom markets are in the marine, adventure, and leisure industries.

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