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GSatSolar Rancher is now just GSatRancher

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Name Change: GSatRancher

One thing we have noticed in our preliminary conversations is that our customers are already shortcutting the name of the GSatSolar Rancher to just "the Rancher" or "the GSatRancher." We hear you, it's easier, and it does make a lot of sense. Because of that, we've decided to just go ahead and make changes now so that everyone is speaking the same language about the GSatSolar Series. From now on, when you want a GSatSolar Series device for your livestock, it's the GSatRancher. If you want a GSatSolar Series device for your tractor, kayak, ATV, or trailer, that's the GSatSolar.

GSatSolar Series Devices



The GSatRancher is the new name for the GSatSolar Rancher. These devices are exclusively for use tracking livestock and wild animals. This device comes as part of a farm and ranching toolkit that is intended to be cost-effective and ideal for use with living, moving, off-grid assets.



The GSatSolar now references the more open use tracking terminal that should be employed for other applications like IoT and lower cost asset tracking. Consider the GSatSolar your "track anything else" tool.

Quick Review


Livestock: GSatRancher

You asked, we listened. In 99% of cases, if you're mounting a tracking device to a cow's ear, you're using a GSatRancher. The same is true for horses, sheep, goats, and any other free-range livestock with big enough ears that you wish to track.


Livestock (hourly): GSatRancher

GSatRancher has a special structure for regular animal tracking included with the price of the unit, but GSatRancher can offer more advanced plans for special animals, like a bell cow or lead bull, for example. Information about those upgrades can be found on the GSatSolar Series Pricing Page.


Jet Ski: GSatSolar

Finally a device that doesn't cost as much as the thing it's tracking! Lower-cost watercraft have been begging for GSatSolar, and now is the time to get yours. Slap it on anything that floats, and always know where it is. Use with Shared Views in GSatTrack to let people know when you're out, and if you're ever gone too long, they'll find you.


Motorcycle: GSatSolar

Cruising the open road or tearing up the mud on an offroad trail, GSatSolar can keep an eye on your bike. Do you rent these toys to people looking for their own adventures? Definitely get yourself a GSatSolar for each bike to make sure you can find it if it goes missing.


Wild Animals: GSatRancher OR GSatSolar

We work with some amazing groups that have their eyes on the GSatSolar Series for preservation and protection purposes. The GSatRancher is perfect for these applications, but conservationists may also choose to use the GSatSolar as well. Plans and details about which would be ideal for your specific purposes can be found on the GSatSolar Series Pricing Page.

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