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GSE Culture Blog: Spotlight on Eugene Yim


Eugene is the Operations Manager at GSE. He keeps the train chugging along smoothly and efficiently, and has a hand in every pie here at GSE, from inventory to bookkeeping.


Keeping it Moving

With a strong finance and accounting background, Eugene knew that his skill sets would be a great compliment to the rest of the talent at GSE. His organizational prowess has helped us keep a consistent timeline and has given us the ability to meet deadlines for our clients. Since July of 2017, Eugene’s role at GSE has evolved from accounting to hardware and everything in between. He is currently the man in charge of building our MCG-101 satellite communications terminal, as well as the custom cable assembly for IDP terminals. Always eager to challenge himself professionally, venturing out of his comfort zone and dabbling in technology has given him a sense of accomplishment.


Pushing the Limit

Through challenging himself with hardware, Eugene has become more comfortable with technical challenges and breaking things because he knows how to fix them now. Nothing is as easy as it seems, and he pushes himself to learn how to fix things on his own. Documenting his process has made it easier for him to build and fix what needs to be done.


Sweetening the Pot

Baking is a major passion for Eugene, who bakes when he isn’t whipping up MCG-101 units. His attention to detail is exemplified in his baking, with intricate designs, and close attention to flavor and presentation. The love he puts into what he makes, both hardware and baked goods, is not lost on the team at GSE. The office is warm and welcoming thanks to Eugene’s jubilant and lively personality shining through every open door.

About the Author
Sarah Jones
Social Media Manager

Sarah joined GSE in 2020 to provide support for marketing and Social Media operations. A digital native, Sarah's passion is connecting with people digitally and in person. Her favorite SatCom markets are in the marine, adventure, and leisure industries.

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